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Typical Judicial Misconduct

What is Judicial Hostage Taking?
Judicial Hostage

When judges use parenting time as a whip to force cooperation in divorce property settlements, we call this Judicial Hostage Taking.

Although this practice is despicable, we all know that some parents interfere with parenting time in an effort to work out their hate and greed issues upon one another. Judges are supposed to recognize this kind of behavior and intercede on behalf of the child.

Most lawyers think nothing of using children to force cooperation in matters that have nothing to do with the children. To them it's just business. Most of them can't even tell their doing something wrong. Usually, a lawyer will paint the opposing parent as a danger to the child and seek to prevent visitation. Again, we may find this practice despicable, but the lawyers are only doing as they are sworn to do, "represent the interests of their client".

Fair judges are currently the only protection in place to see that children have access to both parents and to see that children are not used as leverage to settle other matters. But when one of the litigants disagrees with a judge and makes known that he or she intends to appeal, a judge will very often use parenting time as a whip to force the litigant of give up his or her rights in court. When a judge uses a child as a weapon, we seek to have that judge removed.

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What Is A Witch Trial?

When a Judge Forces Litigant To Wear A Costume Of False Evidence

Everyone now knows that magic isn't real. So lawyers no longer accuse people of witchcraft. But men who comit acts of domestic volence and pedophelia really do exist. When a man harms his family we are all outraged and very quick to act. This is as it should be. But the mere thought of a man harming women or children also incites outrage and this is what modern day witch hunters are counting on. Some divorce lawyers encurage women to remember threats and incidents even if they didn't actually occur. And if a judge is sympathetic to the lawyer or the woman, she is likely to make little or no effort to discover if the claims are valid. The end result is a modern day witch hunt.

See How to Stop a Modern Day Witch Hunter.
Hear cross examination that proves defendant inocent of rape charges. Notice judge does nothing to discurage plaintiff from bearing false witness in the future..

What Is Legislating From The Bench?

When a judge makes a ruling that is contrary to the law.

Judges are often failed politicians that were never able to convince their communities to make laws consistent with their own agendas. So these frustrated law makers take jobs as judges and make rulings on cases to fit their own view of right and wrong, while ignoring the law of the land.

These judges effectively setup a little monarchies in their own courtrooms and anyone unfortunate enough to have business there looses the protection of our laws.
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What Is Judicial Homicide and Judicial Genocide?

When a judge makes a citizen(s) disappear from the view of the law.

Judges typically accomplish Judicial Homicide in one of following ways:
1. Order that a litigant may not file any motions without having them preapproved by the court.
2. Strip litigants of all their assets so that purchasing transcripts for an appeal is impossible.
3. Ordering litigants to pay impossible child support and then jailing them for non compliance.
4. Losing paper work such as motions filed.
5. Refusing to hear filed motions when they come to court.

The Dred Scott case is an infamous example of Judicial Homicide and Judicial Genocide that preceded the most horrific period of actual homicide and genocide our country has ever known. Many historians argue that the civil war might have been prevented if Dred Scott had been given justice...

In a nutshell, Dred Scott was a slave that sued for his freedom.
The Supreme Court Decision stated that Negroes, even free Negroes, were not citizens of the United States, and that therefore Scott, as a Negro, did not even have the privilege of being able to sue in a federal court. Anyone considering these judges now will recognize them as self serving, cowardly, men who abdicated their responsibility to dispense justice and secure peace. Well the same is true for small time judges who attempt to clear their courts by refusing to hear the cases before them. These people are no less despicable than the Supreme Court judges who decided the Dred Scott Case. The only difference is the scope of their power.

No matter if we are talking about two people or an entire race of people, the link between justice and peace can not be ignored. When there is no justice, there is no peace. This is why we must have a way to ensure fair judges at all levels of our justice system. Find out how we can stop Judicial Homicide

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