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High Cost Of Transcripts Keep The Poor From Appealing.

Why care?

Because when a judge confiscates everything...

and you can't afford transcripts...

you lose your right to appeal.

See how we can eliminate the need for transcripts right now.

Lower Court Judges Hold Absolute Power Over Poor People
Poor people almost never have their cases heard in the appellate courts because they simply don't have the money to purchase transcripts of their trials. While appellate judges may wave court fees, they almost never wave transcript fees. They can't because someone must get paid for typing them. The cost is around $1500 for each day of trial.

Project CSPAN will open the appellate courts to poor people by eliminating the need for transcripts.

The foundation of our government is a system of checks and balances. But lower court judges are absolute monarchs when it comes to lives of poor people. No one should have that kind of power over another. Why?

Because judges who are never challenged have no insentive to consider all the evidence or follow the law.
Because judges who never recieve a reality check will come to believe they can not make mistakes.
Because judges who know they will not be questioned, are likely to allow prejudice and political agenda to color their decisions.