www.Justodians.org/In Case of Jail

Dear Family and Friends,
In case I am jailed please do the following:

As you know, this website is advocating that the audio from all court proceedings be posted on the Internet and that the information be used to collect statistics that will identify corrupt judges. Soon these judges are going to put me in jail again in an attempt to silence me. You must insure that the website stays up. If I am able to, I will continue to write for the site from inside the jail. The only way to defeat evil is to shine light on it.

The pretense they will probably use to jail me is as follows:
I have paid $96,000 in child support to date as ordered by Judge Whitken. This is more than I could possibly owe. But Judge Brock has reversed Judge Whitken's order and reallocated this money to payment of Lisa's legal fees and alimony. In so doing Judge Brock has made me a criminal and has exposed me to the possibility of jail time. Judge Brock insists that Lisa receive extreme alimony and that I pay for her divorce legal fees when in fact we were never even married (Lisa was married to someone else when she took her vows with me). Judge Brock knows that I don't have any money and that Lisa and I were never legally married. Still, she is insisting on huge alimony, (Not Child Support), because she is expecting me to ask you for money in order to avoid jail. I will not do this because this is ransom and extortion. Further more, when one is forced to work for another who falsely imprisons you and takes your children, it is called slavery. This must be opposed through peaceful legal resistance. The Divorce/Domestic Violence Industry has setup the law to provide incentive for women that actually encourages them to destroy thier own families through false domestic violence claims. What is happening to me is epidemic in this country. Someone must say no. Please respect my decision and do not pay anything to Lisa or her lawyers that the law does not require you to pay. If you are ordered to pay them ransom, then I am begging you to exercise every possible legal appeal and lawful protest before submitting to this injustice. I repeat, this is ransom and you must not negotiate with hostage takers especially when they are your own government pretending to represent justice and children.

As you know, the children's trust fund is fueling all this litigation. Judge Brock has granted Lisa access to the kid's trust fund under equitable distribution law to pay her lawyer Mr. Duff. But as there was never a legal marriage, there can be no equitable distribution. It is immoral to ask children to pay for their parents divorce and even more so when there was never a legal marriage to dissolve in the first place. The divorce appeal must be allowed to continue. I can not adequately represent myself while in jail and so I am asking you bring my legal documents, to a lawyer so that the children's financial future can be protected.

There is a place where neither Lisa nor the corrupt family court system can touch me. That place is inside my own head. All I need in order to live there comfortably are the books I am requesting. Please do not delay in providing them for me. These books must be paperback and sent directly from a bookseller such as Amazon. Anything sent directly by a family member will be rejected by the jail. So that there is no confusion about who will do the ordering, Am asking my brother Geoff to handle the ordering of these books. Geoff, please do not delay in ordering all 10 books. After they have been ordered, you do not need to worry about me, I will be fine. I will call from inside the jail with my id number once it has been assigned to me. Then you will have enough information to order the books.

The jail address is
John Shearing, Commitment Number ??????, Union County Jail,
15 Elizabeth Town Plaza Elizabeth NJ 07207 (908) 558 2601

The Books Are:
1. Geometry for the Practical Worker
2. Algebra for the Practical Worker
3. Trigonometry for the Practical Worker
4. Calculus for the Practical Worker, Author: J. E. Thompson
Publisher: Van Nostrand Reinhold 135 W 50th St. NYC

5. Schaum's Mathematical Handbook of Formulas and Tables
6. Godel, Escher, Bach by Douglas Hofstadtler
7. Any paperback on abacus operation. I will not have access to computers, but I can make an abacus
8. Any paperback on origami- This is how I will make chess pieces.
9. Any paperback Spanish-English Dictionary
10. Any Paperback Spanish-English Study Bible

Also I will need writing materials (pencils, paper, and stamped envelopes) In order to receive these you need to put some money in a commissary account for me. I will use my time and this resource to write my book. I will send the pages out a few at a time as I write them. Don't put more than a few dollars in the account at a time because this would expose me to the danger of extorsion in the jail.

To my children: Have faith in the in the Lords protection and fear will become ridiculous. Have faith in his generosity and you will never want more than your fill or regret a loss. Never give in to hate or despair. Respect everyone including your enemies and yourself. See the beauty and value in all people. Laugh at evil. Be kind to others and yourself. Enjoy everything and remember the one who created it. Seek friendship and agreement. Avoid harming your enemies; They do you a great service by teaching you, hardening you and testing you. Spread cheer, joy, strength, encouragement, and faith. That is why we are here. Read and understand the entire bible so that you will know when a part of it is being used out of context. And do not take every part of the bible literally; remember Jesus teaches in parables. I will never stop loving you and I will never stop being your father no matter what.