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A Special Thank you To Law Enforcement Officers

John Shearing wishes to thank:
Detective Lubertazzi of the New Jersey State Police Central Security Unit and Lt Frank of the Union County Sheriff's Department.

These two men investigated me and cleared my name after Judge Kathryn A. Brock accused me of being a physical threat to her.

Had these officers not provided me with a fair investigation I would not have had access to the courthouse and would not have been able to defend myself.

Clearly Judge Brock can't tell the difference between a physical threat and a political threat.

It is epidemic in this country that women falsely accuse men of being a physical threat in order to gain unfair advantage in divorce proceedings. Judges like Judge Brock are the reason they get away with it and the reason it is so common.

Our Union County Sheriff's Officers manage to balance the task of physicaly protecting our judges while also managing to protect the public's right to access the courts. This is extremely difficult because they must be ever ready to respond to physical threats and yet somehow remain detached from all the emotional, verbal, and idological conflict that occures in the courthouse. Our legal system functions because our sheriff's officers are able to do this.The members of the Union County Sherriffs Department are true American heros because they protect our government, our people and our freedom.