The Jena 6: A Judicial Lynching

When Racists Infiltrate Our Courts, Judicial Lynchings Are The Result
In America, racists no longer shroud their identities in white robes and commit lynchings.
Instead racists now show their faces but shroud their activities in the black robes of the court.

District Attorney J. Reed Walters permitted the hanging of nooses in a tree reserved for white students and threatened black students with legal consequences if they didn't stop "fussing" over an "innocent prank". Effectively, he permited a cross burning on school property and called it a pep rally?

When District Attorney J. Reed Walters warned black students that "with one stroke of my pen, I can make your lives disappear," he effectively committed an act of terrorism under the pretence of upholding the law?

District Attorney J. Reed Walters attempted to send a black student (Mychal Bell) to jail for a period of 22 years saying that "his sneakers were deadly weapons". According to the district attorney, the beating victim (Justin Barker) was blindsided by Mychal Bell, knocking him down, and then kicked repeatedly until an uninvolved student intervened. However, Coach Benjy Lewis, the only adult witness to the incident, didn't place Bell in the attack and stated that another student, Malcolm Shaw, was the initial attacker. Lewis was never called to testify in Bell's trial. In this case the district attorney was using the law to effectively lynch Mychal Bell all while claiming to uphold the law? This is called sinister behavior

What was the Grand Wizard (Judge J.P. Mauffray Jr) doing during this trial to protect Mychal Bell from false prosecution? Clearly he has traded his white robes for black ones.
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