Understanding Evil

These people don’t know they have become evil.

If they knew, they would not be posing for pictures.

They would be hiding their faces.

If you have fallen to evil, you will be the very last to know it.

That’s why evil is so hard to eradicate.

Imagine trying to eradicate a disease that everyone is certain they don’t have.

This is why mankind has not yet defeated evil.



We become infected with evil the instant we believe that any person is undeserving of respect.

We spread evil anytime we represent another person as unworthy of care.

We do evil anytime we harm, exploit, molest, disparage, or manipulate another person.


Accepting any of the following notions removes all restraint on Evil:

It’s either him or me.

I don’t have any other choice.

They’re worthless.

I am only following the law.

The entire nation can’t be wrong.

They’re insane.

They don’t have feelings.

She wants it.

12 jurors can’t be wrong.

They’re not like us.

There’s only one way to handle them.

I had to protect my job.

They only understand one thing.

They’re feelings don’t matter.

He has no rights.

Somebody has to pay.

He’s a (Christian|Muslem|Jew).

They don’t deserve to live.

He’s an infidel.

How else am I going to live?

He’s just a (nigger|cracker|spic).

They’re not God’s chosen.

I had to follow orders.

They’re just animals.

He’s not even human.

They’re just  criminals


Victims of Genocide are almost always classified as criminals under the law before being murdered or interned by their own governments.


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