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SUVs and Trucks

In an effort to make everything flow, this page is dedicated to trucks and SUVs. I will show current, future, and on an occasion, an older model. Find it here, and if you don't I'll look for it. The Dr.Fong Show still has the PT Cruiser page, but a link is also provided right here.

Pick-Ups and Trucks

Ford brings some major changes to the Super Duty line. First minor re-skinning and modified interior. Second lies under the hood. For 2011, the Ford-built 6.7-liter Power Stroke V-8 Turbo Diesel engine. Ford once again is building and designing a diesel engine in house. Nicknamed "Scorpion", the engine is expected to have 390 horsepower and 720 foot pounds of torque. The engine is also biodiesel compatible, up to B20.

Along with refreshed exterior, Lincoln made some major changes to the interior of it's luxury crossover. Higher quality and more detailed trim also give a much quieter ride.

Look under the hood for things unseen. The 3.7-liter Ti-VCT V-6 is teamed up to a six-speed SelectShift Automatic transmission. Drivers now have a choice of a manual or fully automatic experience.

After only two years of production, Chevrolet freshens up the Silverado for 2009. Could it be that there are two new versions of their closest competition on the horizon? In fact there is, both Dodge and Ford have all new models of their full sized trucks ready for the next model year.

Dodge may bring a old nameplate back from the scrapyard. Introducing the new Dodge Rampage. With features similar to Sport Trac and Ridgeline. This little segment truck may be heating up, and if Dodge has anything to say about it, Rampage will be out to flatten the Ridgeline of Honda.

Sport Utility Concepts

Skunkwerks are at it again. This time the turn their attention to the Jeep Wrangler. Creating the Jeep Lower Forty and the Jeep Overland. They say production will not happen, but Chrysler has a habit building things anyway.

Off Roading Fun

A chance for history and one specilaty Jeep. Chrysler introduced the Jeep J8 and the return to military service. Although the U.S. government will retain the AM General vehicles, J8 will join them in service.

Startech is at it again, this time the Jeep Patriot is under the knife. New for 2008 the startech Jeep Patriot.

On a sad note, GM announced they will pull the plug on the Hummer H1 after the 2006 model year. One of the most capable off road vehicles offered in the world will be in the hands of our soldiers from now on. Join me in a salute to the AM General Hummer H1.

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