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Page Four

The cars of tomorrow, arrive today. See the latest from the auto show circuit. You never know, the cars you see now, may be the cars you buy later.

American Flair, Racing Dreams and Better Mileage

Volkswagen enters the field with a diesel/electric hybrid, the Up-Lite. Fuel economy claims are at 70mpg.

Volvo takes the next step in a fully electric vehicle. Based on the C30 platform, this version is powered by Lithium-Ion batteries. They are planning to build a test fleet of 50 for real world testing in 2011.

Buick redefines the Riviera for this amazing concept.
Mazda shows off its latest "hot rod", the Furia.

The Dodge Zeo and Chrysler Eco-Voyager
Chrysler shows off another Hemi platform and a retro rod at the same time.

Built for Tomorrow?

Debuting at the 2007 SEMA show in Las Vegas, Chrysler showed off a possible replacement the muscle car everybody knows. Everybody say it with me, "Cuda".
Rolls Royce shows off the latest in the 200EX Concept. Rumors are flying that this will be the next Rolls to wear the Ghost nameplate.

The European Connection

Rinspeed shows off it's little venture with Lotus, with the Squba concept.

Alfa Romeo with the 8C Competizione Coupe. Audi with the next step for the awesome R8. They call it the R8 GT3.

Peugeot with latest to wear RC is the 308 RC Z.

Volkswagen stirs up the crownd with the lightweight diesel sports car. That's right, diesel. This little machine gets up to 80 miles per gallon, and still with impressive performance.
The folks at Volkswagen also wowed us with this little number. Also in the high milage venue, the GX3 would make a nice alternative to the commuter car. Too bad it will never see production.
The Alfa Romeo Brea brings a new and fresh look the marque. Will it reach our shores? I certainly hope so.

Nissan adds another wild and amazing concept to it's name. This speaks on a whole new level, and they call it Urge.
Could this be the next Legacy? I'm not sure, but the Subaru B5 TPH is something you can't look away from.

This is no game!