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This page is dedicated to my students, past, present, and future.


Online Sensory Room
Click different areas of the room for sensory experiences.

NASA Grades K-4
Stories, games, and more for students in grades K-4.

NASA Grades 5-8
Stories, games, and more for students in grades 5-8.

NASA Grades 9-12
Stories, games, and more for students in grades 9-12.

Just for Kids
From The University of Illinois Extension

Fact Monster
Learn interesting facts about people, The U.S.A., science & sports. Includes math & money, a homework center, games and much more!
Special thanks to my father, Thomas Glew for sending me this site. Thanks Dad! I love you!

The White House for Kids
For David who LOVES learning about our government!

Symbol World
This website is made with lots of picture symbols. This page includes science & nature, life skills, cooking, interactive activities and much more!

Fun Animal Facts
Lots of fun facts about animals with great pictures!
For my student Dennis who LOVES animals!

Do2Learn Games
Includes "The Feelings Game", "Facial Expressions" and some math & word games too!

PBS Kids
Lots of games for kids!

Interactive fun for teens! Includes games, information about transition, music & more.
Lots of fun reading games!
Special thanks to Danyelle Frye at Whittier Elementary in Pittsburgh for telling me about this site!

Thomas and Friends
If you like Thomas the Tank Engine, you will love this fun site!
Cool games and lots of other fun stuff!

Symbol World
A fun, free website for symbol readers!

Priory Woods School
Special area just for kids with games, books, videos and graphics made from Boardmaker.
Special thanks to Jennifer in Oklahoma for sending this in!

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