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Schedules in the Classroom

Schedules are SO important to our students. Schedules are one of the first things
I make sure are done each year before school starts.
Here are a few I have used with my students.

Schedules let our students know what to expect, when it will be over, and what to do next.
Click each link for a picture example of more schedules used in my classroom.

Waiting for the bus
A mini schedule created for a student who needed assistance waiting for the bus.

Bus Schedule
Created for a few students who needed some assistance with behavior on the bus.

Reading Mini Schedule
This is a mini schedule created for a student who was having a very difficult time in reading class. After I created the schedule he knew exactly what to expect and knew when he would be finished.

Lunch Schedule
Created for a student who needed some extra help in the cafeteria.

Math Schedule
This schedule made it easier for my student to work in math class.

Calendar Schedule
This is a mini schedule created so students know exactly what is next during calendar time.

General Schedule
This schedule has many uses.

Special Activity Schedule
This was created when our class visited another school.

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