Cooking in the Classroom

Cooking in the Classroom


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Recommended Resources

I LOVE the following books by David Pelham!

Recipes to Print

Cole Slaw Recipe

Flatbread Pizza Recipe

Oven Roasted BBQ Chicken Recipe

Oven Roasted Fries Recipe

Recipe Links

Visual Recipes
Lots of picture recipes!

Your Special Chef
"Your Special Chef" is a collection of resources to help teach cooking skills to individuals with
special needs. Includes printable recipes and lesson guides!

Speaking of Speech
Lots of recipes.

DLTK's Recipes
Lots of recipes to choose from.
Lots of recipes for cooking with kids.

Enchanted Learning
Edible Crafts

Cooking by SymbolWorld
Some nice picture recipes

Picture Recipes
This page contains many printable picture recipes for teachers who do cooking activities with their students. It's a great site!

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