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From Liverpool to the Toppermost
of the Poppermost

By: Samantha Liddle

From the mouth of John Lennon:
"When the Beatles were depressed-thinking the group was going nowhere, and this is a shitty deal, and we're in a shitty dressing room-I'd say, 'Where are we going, fellas?' And they'd go, 'To the top, Johnny!' And I'd say, 'Where's that fellas?' and they'd say, 'To the toppermost of the poppermost!' and I'd say, 'Right!' Then we'd all sort of cheer up."

The Chapters

Chapter One: The Concert

Chapter Two: The First Date

Chapter Three: The Relationship at School

Chapter Four: Autumn and John Hook Up

Chapter Five: Mary and Stuart Hook Up

Chapter Six: Drew Gets a Man & Chapter Seven: Summer in the City

Updated 1/11/04-check out Chapter 7!

*~These pictures are mostly taken by Astrid Kircherr, I have found them on the web in various places. If anyone has a problem with them being here, let me know and I will take them off.~*

*Goodbye and hope you liked it! Please don't use these anywhere else without my permission.*

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