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"Nothing fancy... it's just a little dream of mine..."

What's up?

Wondering what the heck is happening with the webpage and what I'm doing that takes so long? Go here.

What is Fab Fic?

Mirror Image
In Progress
by Racheld

To Know Her is To Love Her
In Progress

Fab Fiction is now hosting Beatle Fan Fictions for authors in need of an internet home! Hosting!


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Past Stories

New to the site/club and want to see if you'd like to join? I'd suggest checking out the first couple chapters of Mirror Image and To Know Her is to Love Her. But the link above will get you to the next best thing. Stories that have been published in Fab-Fic before.

Pre-fab-fic Stories

I'd wager that the name of the link hints at what might be there. The stories that we wrote before getting together to make this newsletter. All my (Rachel's) stories are not up yet, only some of them, but you can view all of Pam's there.

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