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Chapter Three

The Relationship at School

I slept peacefully that night as I dreamt of Paul, and awoke bright and early the next day for school. I took an extra effort in getting ready because I knew I’d be seeing Paul at lunch.

At quarter to 8 I left the house to meet Autumn, Mary, and Drew at the corner so that we could walk to school together. On the way to school I filled them in on the details of me and Paul’s date the day before. They were all happy for me, but I think Autumn was a little jealous. I guess she hadn’t been so lucky with John.

“What’s the matter, have problems with John last night?” I questioned Autumn.

“As a matter of fact I didn’t.” Autumn answered and sniffed at me.

“Details, details!” I pried. Mary and Drew also looked interested. Drew’s eyes and ears perked right up, Drew always was the nosy one.

Autumn glared at Drew for being so obvious about her interest and started in on a story that lasted the whole way to school.

“Well, Drew, get your eyes back in your sockets, and I might tell you about it!”

“Hmphf!” Drew stuck her nose in the air.

“Thank you!” Autumn said. “Anyway, on Sunday, John called me up, just as Paul did Ariel. He invited me over to his house.”

I interrupted, “Over to his house?!” I asked shocked.

“Yes,” Autumn sighed. If you don’t stop interrupting I will not continue.”

“Okay, Okay.” I agreed. “I will be quiet.”

“Huh,” Autumn sighed as she went on. “I, of course was extremely flattered that he cared to have me over to his house. So, I went right over. When I got there, John greeted me in his underwear. Apparently his aunt Mimi wasn’t home that weekend and he had the house to himself. I was shocked. But from what I understood, John often walked around in his underwear when his Aunt Mimi wasn’t around. Maybe it makes him feel like a rebel.” Autumn giggled. “Anyway, after I got over the shock, I didn’t really mind. He looked good in underwear.”

“AUTUMN!!!!” I shouted. “I can’t believe you. That’s scandalous!”

“Oh, well. Anyway, he must have realized that he shouldn’t be walking around in his underwear if I was there, because he kind of laughed and excused himself to put on some pants. I patiently waited for him to return dressed. When he came back down, he took me up to his room to show me something.” She paused, as Mary giggled at the thought of ‘prim’ Autumn going to a boy’s room. Drew decided that she indeed would too like to see John in his tightie-whities.

She continued her story most humble and true, “He pulled out his guitar, a nice brunette. He started playing me a song he had just written. It was the first song he had ever written and it was called Hello Little Girl. He had written it for me, he said and I was very pleased. He said that he would play it at the Beatle’s next gig and dedicate it to me.” Autumn grinned from ear to ear, and we were approaching the steps of the Quarry Bank High School.

“That was a truly touching story.” I commented in all seriousness.

“Thank you.” Autumn blushed, “I thought so too.”

Mary spoke up, “So, is that all you did in his room?” Mary had a one track mind and today wasn’t any different than any other.

Yes.” Autumn responded. Mary’s face fell and we all laughed at her.

We said goodbye as we parted ways. Autumn and I headed for history with Mr. Daniel Boone, “Booney” we called him. Sometimes his nickname would turn into “Boonedog” as well. It was quite a boring class and I was glad to get it over first thing in the morning. Drew headed to private voice lessons with Kent Baker. She needed them! And Mary went off to her horticulture class down the hall.

The day dragged on like no other, but finally after physical education in the gym, it was time to head for the cafeteria for an appetizing lunch of school food. As Autumn and I walked into the cafeteria with our trays of mystery meat and green gravy, I anxiously scanned the cafeteria for Paul. I caught his eye, and he waved to me, and motioned to where he had saved a couple of seats next to him and George. I breathed a sigh of relief. I had been so afraid that Paul would shun me at school. Paul was very attractive, and nearly every girl at QBHS was after him.

“Oh, that looks appetizing,” Paul laughed as he glanced at our trays. He pulled out a sandwich from his brown paper lunch bag, and his face fell.

“Oh, no, not sardines and peanut butter again!” George laughed as he bit into a “fresh that morning” scone. “Honestly Paul, if you’re going to survive, you’ve got to stop letting your dad pack your lunches. Do it yourself.”

“You’ve got room to talk, George.” Paul said scornfully, glancing at the scones that George’s mother made for him.

“Anything is better than this slop!” I said coming to Paul’s defense. “Even if it is sardines and peanut butter.” I made a face. Autumn was busily scarfing down her turkey and gravy and making “Mmm” noises. I looked down at my meal and hesitantly dove in. I decided that I would remember to bring my lunch the next day so I could avoid the horror of cafeteria food.

Lunch flew by that day as Paul and I flirted and Autumn and George debated whether or not Booney would retire the next year or not. “I hope the rumour is true,” said George. “Boonedog looks like such a drag.” George didn’t know how awful British history was, he was still only a 15 year old and wouldn’t be taking that class until the next year.

“Well,” I said, “You’ll find out soon enough. Summer vacation is coming up soon. Only a few more weeks!” I said happily, dreaming of all the things I would do over the summer, perhaps with Paul.

Autumn grinned. “I can’t wait until it’s swimming weather!” Autumn loved the water and would be in it day and night if she could. I frowned. I didn’t like to swim very much. I would go in once or twice, but after that I had had enough.

“Ariel, I was wondering if you would like to go to our next gig tomorrow at the Cavern club?”

“Yeah, Paul, I would love to, what time?”

“Oh, I don’t know, around 5 or so. The gig doesn’t start until 7:30, so that way we can get a bite to eat before it starts.” He turned to Autumn with a smile. “Maybe you and John would like to go.”

Autumn smiled back. “Yeah, sure. Talk to John, and if he wants to go, have him call me and invite me himself.”

The lunch bell rang, and we all scrambled to our lockers so that we wouldn’t be late for our next class. Paul walked me to my study hall class and gave me a quick kiss on the cheek at the door.

“Young Mr. McCartney!” Principal Lemieux scolded. “How many times do I have to tell you? Absolutely no PDA in school!”

I hope you liked Chapter Three!! I worked hard on it, with the help of my best friend Jamie.

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