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Altoona Blair County Scanner Frequency Guide


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Best Scanner Frequencies

Blair Co. Listed Frequencies

Blair Co. Listed Frequencies
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Best Scanner Frequencies

Due to the huge amount of material provided in the Altoona Blair County Scanner Frequency Guide, and the fact that some of us may still be using 10 or 20 channel scanners, I thought it might be useful to show the frequencies that I would recommend to be included on your scanner. Only the base (b) frequencies are needed since they are transmitted through a repeater meaning you should be able to hear both sides of the conversation and not need the space for the mobile (control) frequencies.

Frequencies you should have on your scanner:

460.0250 Blair County Police Northern Operations

460.0750 Blair County Police Central 1 Operations

460.1000 Blair County Police Tactical tac-3

460.1250 Blair County Police Southern Operations

460.1500 Altoona Police Dept APD ch 1 Special Events

460.2750 Blair County Police countywide

460.3000 Blair County Police Central 2 Operations

460.3250 Logan Twp Police Department ch 1

460.4250 Altoona Police Dept APD ch 2

460.0500 Blair County Fire Southern Operations

460.1000 Blair County Fire North Operations

460.5000 Blair County Fire Central Operations

460.5750 Altoona Fire Dept AFD F-1

460.6000 Blair County Fire Dispatch

460.6250 Blair County Fire Altoona Fire HazMat

462.9750 AMED

Additional frequencies:

460.0125 Logan Twp Police Department

460.1750 Blair County Police mobile to mobile

460.2250 Altoona Police Dept mobile to mobile

155.4900 Blair County Police - Regional

453.5250 Pennsylvania Emergency Management PEMA

160.8000 Amtrak-Northfolk Southern channel 1

146.6100 Local ham radio emergency net - ARES Net K3IML Altoona
(excellent source for info in an emergency)

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Altoona Blair County Scanner Frequency Guide
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