Try this Moroccan charoset recipe (or Moroccan haroset recipe) for the Passover / Pesach Seder, one of many Moroccan charoset recipe versions depending on the personal charoset recipes of individual Moroccan-Jewish families and on the location and availability of charoset ingredients for the Moroccan-Jewish family in Morocco.

Moroccan charoset (also spelled: Moroccan charoses, Moroccan haroset, Moroccan charoseth, Moroccan haroseth, and Moroccan haroses) comes in many varieties. A Moroccan charoset recipe will vary depending on the Moroccan-Jewish family's use of different ingredients and the amount of each ingredient, but all the ingredients in traditional Moroccan charoset recipes are usually taken from what is available during the time of the Passover / Pesach festival in Morocco. A typical Moroccan charoset recipe will contain dates, raisins, and, in many cases, local spices plus added fruits mixed in for uniqueness. The nut ingredient in a Moroccan charoset recipe will vary from almonds, to walnuts, to hazelnuts. There is also a tradition in Moroccan-Jewish families to roll up charoset into balls, and that is the Moroccan charoset recipe that is presented below.

Moroccan Charoset Balls Recipe

500 grams hazelnuts
250 grams almonds
250 grams dates
250 grams sultana raisins

Note: 500 grams = 1 pound + 1.65 ounces; 250 grams = 8.825 ounces.

Instructions for the Moroccan Charoset Balls recipe:

  1. Using a food processor, grind the nuts together coarsely.
  2. Add dates and raisins and process until consistency is smooth but still has some texture.
  3. Prepare balls of the mixture about 2 centimeters in diameter (about 0.79 inches in diameter).
  4. Can also be served as a dessert during Pessah.

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