Passover low-fat recipes (or Pesach low-fat recipes) can be somewhat of a challenge to create, but the following low-fat Passover recipes manage to keep the fat down which will result in your waistline being able to still fit into your pants.

Many low-fat Passover recipes simply substitute high-fat ingredients for a low-fat version of the same ingredient or just use low-fat ingredients in the recipe. The following low-fat Pesach recipes are an assortment of recipes that cover breakfast, lunch, and dinner foods eaten during the Passover / Pesach festival.

Apple-Carrot Pudding
Banana Pancakes
Cheesecake or Cheese Cake : Honey Cheesecake
Crepes or Crêpes
Eggplant Lasagna or Eggplant Lasagne
Matzo Balls (Low-Fat)
Meringues : Spicy Meringues
Roast Turkey with Sweet Yam and Matzo Stuffing
Trifle : English Trifle (Low-Fat, No-Cholesterol)

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