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My name is Jim. I am your host for this page.It is my hope that from these pages you will have a better understanding of what the 18th. Virginia Cavalry contributed for the cause of Southern Independence.I hope you will enjoy your visit with the 18th. Virginia Cavalry.

If you have a family member who served in the 18th. Virginia Cavalry and you would like to see information posted here about him, e-mail me.

I hope you enjoy your visit and stop back soon!

The primary function of the cavalry was intelligence seeking. It was used to screen such intelligence and to rush to selected hot spots. Rarely was the cavalry used to engaged in all out warfare with infantry divisions. As the war years declined, the cavalry's role diminished and the past fighting of sword and pistol fell by the wayside. New use of the cavalry saw a dismounted role with repeating rifles. Commanders found this to be highly effective.

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Lt. Blue & Capt. Stump


Capt. George W. Stump At New Market

Stumps in the Civil War Blue & Gray

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18th. Virginia Cavalry
Roger U. Delauter
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Excerpts from the Official Records of the Union and Confederate Armies

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