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War Between the States





Most of these men are from the West Virginia area.

Albert Shock: Pvt. Co. K, 19th VA Cav. Imprisoned and paroled in May 1865 at Charleston, WV, age nineteen, 5’9” tall, dark eyes, dark hair, fair complexion. (Osborne, Weaver, 267, Sinnett)


Allen: Co. B, 3rd Regt. VSL. Later served in Co. B and Co. A, 19th VA Cav. b. ca. 1841. Enl. Frankfort, WV, 3/7/63, in Co. B. Enl. Williamsburg, WV, 3/1/64 in Co. A. Paroled at Charleston, WV, 5/10/65 as a member of Co. A, age 24, 6’ 11’, fair complx. brn hr, gray eyes and a mustache. Co. A 19th VA Cav. was comprised mostly of rangers from Calhoun Co. (Armstrong, 173, Norman, 19, Osborne, Weaver, 267)


Asa: (son of Jesse) Pvt. 1st Co. I and 2nd Co. G, 62nd VA  Inf. (mounted).  Enl. 8/20/62 in Braxton Co. VA. Present in quarantine as of 2/28/63. Deserted 10/25/63, took the oath of allegiance and posted bond. ( Delauter, 109, Norman, 16, 33)


Benjamin H: Pvt. Co. G, 8th VA Cav. Regt. Enl. 9/25/? In Calhoun Co. WV. On rolls of 10/31/64. (CCCW, 40, Dickinson, 109, Osborne, Weaver, 267, Norman, 28)


George W: Capt., Partisan Ranger who scouted for Col. Angus McDonald and Gen. Thomas Jonathan “Stonewall” Jackson for the first year of the war. Enl. 8/20/62 in Hampshire Co., in 1st Co. G, 62nd VA Inf. (mounted) CSA. Appointed Capt. 9/6/62. Transferred as Capt. To Co. B 18th VA Cav. Regt. (Gen. Imboden’s Brigade). Equipped the men of his Co. largely at his own expense. Severely WIA in the neck near Forrestville, VA 9/24/64. Captured and murdered by Union scouts led by Maj.Young at the home of his father, Adam Stump in Hampshire Co., (2/5/65). WV. Capt. Stump’s Co. was much prized for their knowledge of the region. (CSR, Delauter, 93, 109, Blue, 13, 93, Jeff Davis, 84)


Jacob Shock: Pvt. Co. D, 31st VA Cav. Regt., b. 12 Dec.1837, d. 19 Feb. 1916, buried Shock Cemetery near Mt. Zion. (CCCW, Sinnett)


Levi Boggs: Lived near Orton and was a member of Co. D, 31st VA Inf. Regt. (Gilmer Rifles). (Family Papers, Sinnett, Norman, 13)


Levi: Pvt. Co. D, 31st VA Inf. CSA (Gilmer Rifles). Enl. 5/31/61 at Gilmer Co., C.H. by Capt. Mitchell for a period of one year. Age 19, 5’7”, lt. complx., blue eyes, lt. hr., farmer. Co. Muster Roll dated 8/31/64 lists Levi as present and a sharpshooter. Captured at Beverly, WV, 10/29/64 by 8th Ohio Cavalry and forwarded 11/2/64, from Clarksburg, WV to Wheeling, WV, Military Prison, enroute for Camp Chase, Columbus, Ohio. clo. chits in 3 yrs. Signed for$1.98 commutation for rations which on furlough at 33 cents per day. (Ashcraft, 157, CSR, Norman, 31, 32)


Michael Stout: Sgt. Co. K. 19th VA Cav. Regt. Enl. Frankfort, Greenbrier Co., WV, 3/20/63. Age 29, farmer, Braxton Co., WV, 1860 Census. Attached to Hosp. At Warm Springs as a nurse 4/1/63 – 1/1/64. Sent to his Co. 5/4/63 and listed as Sgt. Cpd. Loudon Co. (near Harpers Ferry, WV), 7/15/64. Sent to Harpers Ferry then to confinement at Old Capital Prison, Washington, DC. Transf. To Elmira Prison, NY 7/23/64. Took the oath of allegiance and was released 6/16/65. 5’10”, fair comp., light hair and gray eyes, a resident of Clarksburg, WV. (Osborne, Weaver 267, Sinnett)





Albert H: Pvt. 165th Militia, Capt. R. W. Walker’s Co., Appears on muster roll dated Aug. 28, 1862. (WVDCH, Norman, 20, 36)


Anderson: Pvt. Capt. Burkes – J. H. Co. Appears on muster roll dated Aug. 28, 1862 (WVDCH, Norman 16)


Andrew: Enl. 1864, 121st Indiana Vol. Inf. “100-day-man”. Enl. 1/65 in 151st Indiana, but never received baptism of fire. (Battey)


Asa L: (son of Lemuel) Pvt. Capt. R. W. Walker’s Co. Appears on muster roll dated Aug. 28, 1862. Later served in Co. H, 6th Inf. Regt. (WVDCH, Norman, 23)


Bailey: Pvt. 165th Militia, Capt. R. W. Walker’s Co., Appears on muster roll dated Aug. 18, 1862. (WVDCH, Norman, 14)


Charles E: Pvt. Home Guard, Enrolled Oct. 28, 1863, Walton, WV in Capt. Wm. Gandee’s Scouts for a period of one year. B. 7/29/1847. (Cummings, 105, Norman, 19, WVDCH)


Elliot: Pvt. 165th Militia, Capt. R. W. Walker’s Co. Appears on muster roll dated Aug. 28, 1862. (WVDCH, Norman, 13, 22)


Henderson Beall: Pvt. Co. C, 11th WV Regt. of Vols. b. Lewis Co.  Enl. at Arnoldsburg 18 Aug.1862 for three years. Captured 19 Oct. 1864 at Cedar Creek, VA. Died at Pine Bottom, Calhoun Co., 11 Oct. 1865 of chronic disease contracted in service, buried Big Bend Cemetery. ( CCCW, 3, Norman, 14)


Henry: Pvt. Enl. 1/21/62, Co. G, 9th WV Inf. Regt, Spencer, VA for a period of three years. Co. Muster Roll dated 3/1/62 lists Henry as sick in hospital. Promoted 6/30/62 to Corporal. Muster Roll dated 11/62-12/62 lists Henry absent, sick. 5/63-6/63, absent on furlough. 6/63-12/63 on detached service in Roane, Co., WV recruiting for Co. 10/5/63 promoted to 1st Lt., Co. K 13th WV Inf. Regt. Discharged as enlisted man by order of Gen. Kelly. S.O. #82 dated 2/19/64 from the War Dept. grants Lt. Stump leave of absence to enable him to attend the present session of the WV Legislature, of which he is, a member, by order of the Secretary of War, E. D. Townsend.  2/9/64 promoted to Captain. On 7/3/64 Henry tenders his resignation, as he is no longer able to perform his duties due to physical disability. Col. Rutherford B. Hayes approves and respectfully forwards with the request that the resignation be accepted for the good of the service. Upon the Surgeon’s recommendation that Henry is suffering from chronic rheumatism and the debility disables this officer from duty to a remarkable degree, Henry is mustered out of service on 10/18/64. b. 1/25/1819. d. 8/23/1905. Buried, Looney Cemetery, Johnson Creek. (Cummings, CSR, 105, Norman, 19)


Jacob J: Pvt. 165th Militia, Capt. R. W. Walker’s Co. Appears on muster roll dated Aug. 28, 1862. (WVDCH, Norman 15, 26)


Maranda H: Pvt. 165th Militia, Capt. Burkes – J. H. Co. Appears on muster roll dated Aug. 28, 1862. Later served as Sgt. Gilmer Co. Scouts, Capt. Wm. T. Wiant Indp. Co. Enrolled June 24, 1864 at Glenville for a period of one year. Mustered out on May 30, 1865. (WVDCH, Norman, 16, 32)


Michael: Pvt. Co. G, 9th WV Inf. Enl. 8/29/62 at Gauley Bridge, VA for three Years. Died at Camp Beverly, VA 11/7/62 of typhoid fever. (The fever claimed more lives than combat did) b.c. 1846. Buried Looney Cemetery, Johnson Creek. (Cummings, 105, CSR, Norman, 19)


Melville: Pvt. 165th Militia, Capt. R. W. Walker’s Co. Appears on muster roll dated Aug. 28, 1862 (WVDCH, Norman, 14, 25)


Salathiel:  Lt. Colonel, 165th Militia, Gilmer Co. Received commission 6/5/62. b. 1/23/1832. Salathiel was a successful miller who owned and operated a saw and gristmill near Brooksville. He was a generous and hospitable man, a kind neighbor and a useful citizen. (Hardesty, WVDCH, CCCW, 41, Norman, 14)


Sida H: Pvt. 165th Militia, Capt. R. W. Walker’s Co. Appears on muster roll dated Aug. 28, 1862 (WVDCH, Norman, 18)


Prisoner of War



John: The Reverend John Stump, though sympathetic to the Southern cause, tried to remain neutral and as result, suffered maltreatment from both sides. During the war the Reverend was engaged in a series of evangelistic meetings at the old Bethlehem Baptist Church. A Confederate soldier named Burroughs, who was home on furlough and was attending the meetings. One night a body of Union soldiers surrounded the house and arrested the rebel along with the Reverend and his brother-in-law, Daniel Huffman. The prisoners were taken to Glenville and put to work on the prison work-gang. On Saturday evening the Reverend Mr. Huffman approached the Captain and asked if they would be permitted to preach while they were in prison. The Captain said, “We have services every Sunday morning and that he would be pleased to have them preach at these services as often as they wished.” Daniel ran off quickly to tell the Reverend Stump the good news, as he called it. The Reverend looked at Daniel with a disgusting expression on his face and said, “If there’s any preaching to this gang of cut-throats, you’ll do it yourself, I’ll die before I’ll preach to such scoundrels.” On Sunday morning the Reverend Huffman spoke from Isaiah 16:3, “Take counsel, execute judgment; make thy shadow as the night in the midst of the noonday; hide the outcasts; betray not him that wandereth.” While the Reverend Huffman was never termed a big preacher, he was considered in those days an exhorter, but an awful good man. But the Reverend Stump, to his old days, said he never heard such a sermon come from the lips of man, be great or small. At the close of the service the Captain came up to both of them with tears running down his face and said: “Men, go home. You have no business here. That kind of preaching is far better for home folks than an army which has to fight.” The men went home and were never again, molested by the Union army. (Stump, Norman, 20)





George W., Levi and Levi Boggs were in Gen. Stonewall Jackson’s Army of the Valley during his Shenandoah Valley Campaign.


George and Asa were in the same regt. (62nd) Under Gen. John D. Imboden.


During the Shenandoah Valley Campaign of 1864, Capt. Henry Stump’s Co. was under the command of General Crooks’ army of WV, which was attached to General Sheridan. At the Battle of Fishers Hill, Gen. Crooks’ army overran the Confederate left, which Gen. Imboden’s Cavalry, (dismounted) held. While it is doubtful that Capt. Henry and Capt. George meet in combat, their companies did engage one another.




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