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Civil War Revolvers & Artifacts
This is a collection of Civil War revolvers and artifacts from
Mr. Mark Anniballi
Many thanks for your contributions Mark!


47 Cal. Lefaucheux Revolver

s/n 34389. Fired a unique pin fire cartridge. The only internally primed cartridge revolver purchased by either side during the Civil War. U S Govt purchased approx 12,000 revolvers (s/n's 25,000-37,000). Used mostly in the Western Theater during the conflict. These were purchased for $12.50 to $22.50 each.

British 44 Cal. Webley "Wedge Frame" Revolver

s/n 2202. Made at the London Armoury (same company that manufactured the Kerr revolver). Very rare Confederate revolver, the Pratt Roll contains a Webley revolver serial number. 1 of 4 known to exist. Cost $18.

44 Cal. English Adams Revolver

s/n 33346. Another London Armoury product. 100 Adams revolvers were bought by the US Ordnance Dept for $18. 19,000 Adams revolvers were made at the London Armoury and the CSA was a big purchaser of the English retail gun trade. Cost $16-$18.

44 Cal. Kerr Revolver - Secondary Confederate Issue

s/n 4562. Made by the London Armoury, approx 7000 Kerr revolvers were made for and shipped to the CSA. Units from the 24th Bn GA; 8th TX; 1st, 7th, 11th, 12th, 18th, and 35th VA Cavalries were armed with Kerr revolvers.


44 Cal.Allen & Wheelock Revolver

s/n 26. Approx 700 made from 1861-62. 198 were purchased by the US Ordnance Dept. for $22 each. Revolvers were issued to the 2nd and 3rd Michigan and 8th Penna. Cavalries. Cost $22.

41 Cal.Butterfield Army Revolver

s/n 211. A pellet primed revolver made 1861-62. Made on contract for the 5th NY Cavalry. A contract for 2280 Butterfield revolvers was given to Jesse Butterfield of Phila PA in the fall of 1861. Due to a misunderstanding about the contract production was stopped after approx 640 revolvers were made. The US Govt did not accept delivery of nor pay for these revolvers. Some were privately purchased by members of the 5th NY.

44 Cal. Freeman Army Revolver

s/n 191. Manufactured 1863-64. 5000 Freeman revolvers were contracted for at a price of $12 each. Manufacturing difficulties prevented the Freeman from ever being delivered and only about 1700 revolvers were ever made. Price tag $12.

44 Cal. Joslyn Army Revolver

s/n 2975. Approx 3000 Joslyn revolvers were made from 1861-62. About 1200 were purchased by the US Govt priced between $22.50 to $25.00 each. Issued to the 5th and 6th Ohio Cavalries, Joslyn revolvers were not well liked by the men who had to use them.

44 Cal. Starr Army Revolver

s/n 22684. Made 1859-63 total quantity of 23,000 revolvers. The majority were purchased by US Govt. The unique double action Starr revolver was difficult to manipulate while on a moving horse and was replaced by a single action revolver more suited to the tastes of the time. Starr Arms Co revolvers were the third most purchased revolver of the Civil War. Cost $20 per revolver.

44 Cal. Remington New Model Army Revolver

s/n 79112. Made 1863-75. Second major Civil War handgun behind only the Colt Army revolver in the number purchased by the US Govt. Cost $12 to $15.50.

44 Cal. M 1860 "Fluted Cylinder Army Revolver

s/n 3432. Made from 1860-73. Only approx 4000 of the nearly 200,500 Army revolvers were fitted with a full fluted cylinder. 2230 of these first Colt M1860 Army revolvers were sent to retail dealers south of the Mason-Dixon line and are considered by collectors to be "Confederate" Colt's. This revolver was sent to Peter Williams and Co. in Richmond VA on April 15, 1861 three days after Ft Sumpter was fired on. Colt charged $25 for their Army revolver (and was later forced to drop it's price to $14 in order to compete with the $12 Remington revolvers).

Civil War Binoculars/Case

Bullet Molds Left - Right - Starr-Savage-Tranter-Mass Arms-Manhattan-Allen & Wheelock-Colt

Powder Flask, Nipple Wrench/Screw Driver, Metal Cartridges, Dominoes