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Established February 5, 1999

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Sites listed as are for month of May/June, 2000.

General Sites

Brian Carey's Page The biography of a teenage wrestler.
Chris & Scott Carey's page A list of links, wrestlers, and movies.
Lauren Carey's Page is about Lauren Carey. This is her first attempt at webmastering. In her words, " It has stuff on it. Duh."
Robert Kaye's Employment Index Page -- Originally started as a home page, this site is centered around an employment theme. To embrace the multicultural tapestry of the global web community, it has been painstakenly translated the site into six languages. To give a multi-media flair, this site contains personal artwork by the author, a few specially selected midi music pieces that fit the page theme (Playing music is an optional thing).
Rachel on the Web is about the granddaughter of Peter Bruno. Mr. Bruno is learning how to develop using HTML. This is his first attempt at web presence. Mostly because Rachel is sooooo cute.

Grannydancer is a Victorian Family Home with rooms for family members, friends and guests; nursery rhymes and poetry; tributes and memorials; serene and peaceful; wonderful graphics.

Martin Pilon hosts a FREE french fantasy hockey league simulating the activities of the NHL. Participants takes on the role of General Managers. They manage the finance, the rosters and even the drafts as in the realleague. This site is in FRENCH

Chris E. Carey built the site last January -- He needed a "virtual brochure" to show people what he does, which is creative communication. It keeps evolving, but he has done it so far with Photoshop, PageMill and GIF Builder. It is not a commercial site, but rather a referral-based where he can present himself to people with whom he wants to work or associate.

Alison Myers Web Page is basically Christmasy. She has listed here favorite links and an email spot. The other features are a joke page, comic page, signing and reading a guestbook, and a mini quiz.

Debesh Das hosts a Must Site for all VB and Delphi Programmers. Packed with lots of programming resources for all young and aspirant programmers.

John Singer hosts this light hearted spoof of the Meyers High School Faculty. Check out the movies, dancing, games, and more.

Peter Leach hosts this Family site. His main interests are covered. Doctor Who, Masonry, Red Setters, White Star Line and autographs.
Visit the WSL autograph book and stop by Rory Story and view the dogs tail.

Jetzone 2000 is dedicated to military aviation photography and contains photographs by the author and those from airforces and manufacturers. Webmaster, Andries van Straten has given it a good lay-out and a simple but efficient navigation. Lots of time was spent on detail use of color and a kind of 'house-style'. This site is a great example of passion of aviation photography and good webdisign.

Sid's CyberSpace is essentially the life of an average teenager searching for himself in concrete suburbia. Sid's CyberSpace started out with being a place for Sid to share his life. As he grew, so did the site, till it reflected his being and ideology and in a broader perspective the important things in the lives of all those of his generation - their friends, their school, their favorites. As Sid says, "Expressing yourself. Isn't that what it's all about?"

The Lackawanna Trail Marching Band Site - Lackawanna Trail is located in Factoryville, PA, north of Scranton, PA. This site contains the band's history, archives of pictures, a section for our music booster organization, Friends of Music, and other information of interest to the marching band enthusiast. The band competes in TOB, Tournament of Bands.

Non-Profit Organization Sites

The E.L. Meyers High School Band - Features a calendar of fundraising events, the football schedule, a page of email addresses of the bandmembers, a homework page link, an email registration form, and a guest book form.

Art and Literary Sites

The Seagoat Poetry Site - The poetry of one R.F.Marazas.
The Seagoat Site - More literary works by R.F.Marazas.
The Larry Zavaglia Site - Art work and other interests by Larry Zavaglia.

Inspirational Sites

The Home & Hearth Web Site - A family oriented web page to act as an inspirational site for individuals interested in the well-being of others.
The First Church of Christ, Wilkes-Barre, Pa - The Wilkes-Barre, Pa Church of Christ is dedicated to spreading the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Check out the monthly news letter, "The Cornerstone."

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