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The Carey Page presents
Free Webtools

The Carey Page is developed and promoted using all free web tools. In order to use some of these resources, you may mave to provide a reciprocal link or banner on your site.

The tools listed here are in order of use by The Carey Page.

Free Web Space
Angelfire provides 5 megabytes of space for your website. They also provide tips on basic HTML, images, sounds, and a basic on-line HTML editor.

Free Domain Names provides free domain names. The domain name is suffixed by "" but it is a lot better than "". Findhere actually points to the Angelfire page. All the user sees is the findhere domain name. Findhere is sponsored by On the Web.

HTML Resources

The author is a member of
The HTML Writers Guild
You can join the HTML Writes Guild for one year for free. They have a lot of excellent resources to help you build a good web site.

Cool things to add to your Web Page

Tools from
Board Rooms..
Chat Rooms..
Account Number: m440936 Chat Planet: venus
Hit Counters ..
SmartLinks ..

Set up your own E-mail list using ListBot. Using this Service, anyone with an E-mail address can become a member of the Carey Page. Members can communicate with each other, and will receive periodic updates on the site.

Free E-Mail

Startrek Mail is my favorite free E-mail service. This requires you be on-line to access your mail. The mail data is displayed via your browser. You can send and receive up to 500k attachments with this service. There are many E-mail services like this, including Angelfire and Yahoo.

Juno is another free E-mail service. They provide special software. You can access Juno via modem without access to the internet, or you may use your ISP connection. You must use their software. Juno does not permit attached files under the free plan.

Free Survey and Feedback Forms

The Carey Page's FREE feedback form is powered by They provide the HTML. The user will be transported tho thier site upon completion of the form. Data from the form sent via e-mailed.


The Carey Award
The Carey Award is the product of the webmasters imagination. Using the form service above, webmasters may apply for the award. Awards programs are easy to establish; however, they do require vigilance and time. It is best if you provide award recipients with the image. They can store the image on their server. You should also provide HTML to link back to your page. If your not sure how this is done, apply for the Carey Award.

While on the subject of awards, check out the awards bestowed upon The Carey Award . Click on the award to apply your own. This is another easy way to promote your site.

Ways to promote your Web Page

Webmaster Enter
Webtoplist is a place you may register your site. The service is free. All you have to do is provide a link to their site.

Starting Point allows your users to vote for your site. They will promote your site for free. Simply register and include the vote link on your site.

Banner exchanges are an excellent way to promote your site. Here is one of the exchanges used by The Carey Page. Check out others at the bottom of this page.


Track the traffic on your site

StatTrack provides a free traffic tracking service.

Verification Tools

You've built your site. It loads too slowly, links are invalid, and HTML errors abound. Use the SiteInspector to evaluate your site.

This site is under constant contsruction. More tools will be added soon.

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