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The Carey Page presents the B&N featured selections ...

Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy (Hitchhiker's Guide #1)
by Douglas Adams
BOOK Format: Paperback

ISBN: 0345391802

Publisher: Ballantine Books, Inc.

Pub. Date: September 1995

The story of a British earthling plucked from his planet, and his subsequent adventures elsewhere in the universe.

Frankenstein: A Novel (Modern Library Series)
by Mary Wollstonecraft Shelley
BOOK Format: Hardcover, 336pp.

ISBN: 0679600590

Publisher: Random House, Incorporated

Pub. Date: March 1984

The classic monster tale of a man and his monster. Check out my on-line review.

War Dragons: Star Trek Captain's Table Book 1
by L. A. Graf L.A. Graf
BOOK Format: Paperback, 304pp.

ISBN: 0671014633

Publisher: Pocket Books

Pub. Date: May 1998

The first in the Startrek Captain's Table Series.

Foundation and Chaos (The Second Foundation Trilogy #2)
by Greg Bear Gregory Foundation's Fear Benford
BOOK Format: Hardcover, 368pp.

ISBN: 0061052426

Publisher: HarperCollins Publishers, Incorporated

Pub. Date: February 1998

Authorized by the estate of the late Isaac Asimov, Foundation and Chaos follows on the heels of Foundation's Fear, which received major critical acclaim. Just as the robot R. Daniel Olivaw is about to establish new hope for the scientific advancement of civilization through the impending New Dark Ages, threats appear from all sides to thwart his plan. A conflict breaks out between humans and humanform robots on the planets of the Galactic Empire. The conflict leads to the empire's founder, psychohistorian Hari Seldon, being put on trial for treason.

Prelude to Foundation (Foundation Series)
by Isaac Asimov Will Cormeir (Artist)
BOOK Format: Mass Market Paperback, 435pp.

ISBN: 0553278398

Publisher: Bantam Books, Incorporated

Pub. Date: March 1989

For the first time Asimov chronicles the life of Hari Seldon, the man who laid the framework for the universe that came to be known as the Foundation. The long-awaited overture to the greatest science fiction series of all time. "Asimov's storytelling skills have never been keener."--Denver Post.

Check out my online review.

HTML for the World Wide Web: Visual QuickStart Guide
by Elizabeth Castro Nancy Davis (Editor)
BOOK Format: Paperback, 3rd ed., 336pp.

ISBN: 0201696967

Publisher: Peachpit Press

Pub. Date: May 1998

Edition Description: 3RD

This is a very good reference book for HTML beginners. I used this as a reference when I constructed "The Carey Page."

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