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1966 Plymouth Valiant Signet Convertible

Welcome to the home of the 1966 Plymouth Valiant

I created and maintain this site for the sole purpose of sharing information about the Valiant. I will mainly focus on the 1966 Convertible, but will also include the other 1966 Valiant models. I will try to have the most complete information I can. I will be add more information all the time. I am always picking up literature and information on the Valiant. I welcome any comment or question.

My Red (PP1) Valiant Signet Convertible will not be repaired. The car is to far gone for my ability.

Brief Valiant History

1960The Valiant is introduced. The Valiant to be its own car line (like Dodge or Plymouth), but it soon belonged to Plymouth.
1963The Valiant started its second generation. The car was designated as an A body (now referred to as an Early or Narrow A). The newly restyled Valiant now included a Convertible.
1964The model received new grill, some other minor changes, and the 273 V8 was added. The
Barracuda was introduced to the Valiant lineup late in the model year (April).
1965The Valiant saw minor design changes in 1965, but did get a few 'Go Fast parts'. The 273 Commando was introduced.
1966The model year marked the end of the Convertible, and the Wagon for the Valiant. The Valiant received large amounts of restyling. The only sheet metal parts that did not change were the doors and floors. See
Valiant Lines and Interior for more information.

For more information on the Valiant please visit www.earlyvaliant.org and www.valiant.org

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Updated:March 31th, 2009

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1966 Plymouth Valiant Signet Hardtop

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