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The Interior

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The Signet Valiant for '66 came with buckets or bench seat. The seats were made with cologne grain  and cologne inserts, plus the seat back used a Ostrich leather pattern ( Black - Mopar Part number 0543BX9  ) on the top. The Ostrich leather pattern was also an insert on the door panels ( Black - 3170BOX & 3171BOX ).  The door panels appear to be a standard panel with a vinyl embossed sticker applied.  I have done a lot of research and found that the '66 Valiant Signets and 200 contained the pattern.  The images below show the Ostrich leather pattern, the inside front and back.  The interior illustrations can be clicked on for large versions.

Signet/200 seat pattern

Signet Convertible (VH27) Front InteriorSignet Convertible (VH27) Back Interior

The numbers on the above picture are reference numbers for the '66 MoPar part book.I can supply you with the MoPar part number on request.

The following images are from the Plymouth sales literature.

From the Top

set of Signet Valiant Bucket seatsThe center ConsoleThe Heater and AM Radio

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