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The Paperwork

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The '66 Valiant has four important sources of information.

  • 1. VIN - Located on the Driver door frame


V Valiant H High (Signet) 27 Convertible D 273 V-8 6 1966 2 Hamtramck MI
            A 170 Slant 6       Only plant that made the Convertible Valiant
            B 225 Slant 6        
  • 2. Fender Tag - Driver side fender by battery

  • +------------------------------+ This tag contains details on the cars
    |   abcdefghijklmnopqrstuvwxyz | factory options, production date, and
    |   64                         | paint codes. The following table shows
    | ABCDEFGHIJKLMNOPQRSTUVWXYZ   | the more important ones.             
    | 315              1      1    | AB-11=170,21=225,31=273 2BL,32=273 4BL
    | 30200303  VH27  H5X   PP1 B  | Y - 1=BLACK,2=WHITE,3=BLUE CONV. TOP 
    |                              | SO- PRODUCTION MONTH(1-9,A-C) AND DAY
    +------------------------------+   See below for more on tag codes.   

  • 3. Broadcast sheet - Under rear seat, front seat, carpet, or glove compartment.  Here is mine.

Valiant Convertible Broadcast Sheet (170K)

  • 4. Certicard - Inner Fender.  This contains your cars VIN number, Transmission, axle, and paint codes.    

I have just touched lightly on car documentation.  The subject is wrote extensively by the MoPar guru Galen V. Govier monthly in High Performance Mopar ( formerly in MOPAR MUSCLE ) and in Galen's "White Books".   Galen is always interested in hearing about any Mopar, and would like to receive a pencil rubbing of your VIN, Fender tag and photo copy of your Broadcast sheet.  The White Books contain how to read a VIN number, a Fender Tag, and a Broadcast Sheet.   The books also list production numbers by model and sometimes by engine and/or transmission.                                                                                                                                                 

Galen V. Govier

Route 1 Box 322K

Prairie Du Chien, WI 53821-9801