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1966 Plymouth Valiant News

March 31 2009

Wow. I have not updated this in forever. I changed my email address, I am sorry if anyone mailed me at the old address. My Valiant is quietly waiting on summer.

July 18 2004

I attended the Mason Dixon and Carlisle Mopar shows. The Carlisle people really know how a car show should be. I was meeting with the Early Valiant & Barracuda Club. The EVBC is a great bunch of people. I thought the part prices were a little high this year, but I guess as the desire for early A's rise so do prices. I did find a perfect right fender (NOS) and purchased a set of Laysons 66 Valiant quarter patch panels. One of the best thing that happened at Carlisle was meeting Barry Koch. He owns a perfect original 1966 Valiant V100 Wagon. The wagon is powered by a 225 and it has factory air. Check this beauty out in my Reader Rides section. I hope to start and finish my garage real soon. I will be doing the restoration myself, I can not find a body shop in my area.

April 24 2004

Long time since my last update. The Valiant is still looking for a good body shop. I hope to go to the Mopar meet at MasonDixon Dragway in May ( http://www.masondixondragway.com ) as a spectator. I also am looking forward to the Carlisle show in July.

December 14 2002

Wow already December. I read some great news. Legendary Auto Interiors Ltd. have 1966 Valiant Convertible seat covers. I have called them and stated they do not stock the seat covers but make them up on request. The parts for early A bodies are starting to flow. I hope my Valiant is in the body shop soon, so I can start driving it again.

August 18 2002

I had a great time at the All Chrysler Nationals in Carlisle PA. I met other members of the Early Valiant and Barracuda club. I purchased grill and trunk emblems from the Laysons tent. The emblems are very nice but will require some minor touch up for show quality (My car is far from that!!). I also purchased both rear inside fiberglass panels and a set of two door hardtop doors. The greatest thrill as meeting two other 1966 Valiant Convertible owners. A couple from NY brought down thier wonderful Red convertible, and showed it that saturday. I had a nice long chat with a owner from CT. The White convertible did not make it (I hope he brings it next year).

As you can see I have finaly started updating this site. I am trying to get much of my stuff scanned, so be patient if some of the links don't work. Please drop me a line with any Valiant questions or comments. I love hearing stories of other Valiants. I will an thinking on adding a picture page of 1966 Valiant of every model type, let me know what you think, and send me pics.

Lastly my email address has changed it is now gkuklo@adelphia.net

Bob Harris Carlisle 2002 Second Place

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