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The  Rules

"You're so money, and you don't even know it."

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Swingers...damn, what a good movie. It completely
changed so many lives, turned so many of us from
guys who talked about puppy dogs and ice creams
to pure money rounders. And as if the movie itself
weren't enough, Jon Favreau and Vince Vaughn,
bless their little hearts, also gave us "The Swingers
Rules," published along with the screenplay by
Hyperion Publishing. I've had it for awhile, but
noticed that most people (i.e., no one else) seemed
to even know that these little things existed. Well,
I've sat on top of 'em for too long, and now it's time
for everyone to read up on them. Before we begin,
however, a short disclaimer: these were written by
Vince and Jon, and, like the movie, remain their
brainchild; I didn't write 'em, I'm just glorifying them
here for everyone's benefit. The same goes for
Hyperion Publishing and Miramax Films: it remains
their copyright, and I hope you guys don't sue me.

And to everyone who I stole graphics from, as well as supported this site
by linking to it before it was on any search engines, you get props. Maybe
even some dap.

Oh yeah, and everyone who complains about how the quotes on these pages are inaccurate, it's how they appear in the script. It's not my fault the actors can't get their lines right.

And now...The Swingers Rules. Dig this high tech navigation shit.

 Rule #1 |  Rule #2 | Rule #3 | Rule #4 | Rule #5 | Rule #6 | Rule #7 | Rule #8

Rule #9 | Rule #10 | Rule #11 | Rule #12 | Rule #13 | Rule #14 | Rule #15



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