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The  Rules

  • Rule Five:

  • Be honest.

    I'm just trying to be a gentlemen, Trent,
    show some respect.

    Respect, my ass. What they respect is
    honesty. You see how they dress when
    they go out? They want to be noticed.
    You're just showing them that it's
    working. You gotta get off this respect
    kick, baby. There ain't nothing wrong
    with letting them know that you want
    to party.

    Women like attention. It's flattering as long as you're respectful and honest. Formalities are not nearly as important as repecting their intelligence.

    Be honest with yourself and with them. If you want intimacy, then own up to it. Don't come at them like you're interested in their nail polish if what you really want is intimacy. It's insulting. You're a man, she's a woman. Deal with it. The more you pretend that it's not about sexual attraction, the harder it will be to redefine the parameters. Honesty works like magic if you're free from guilt. The truth shall set you free.

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