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The  Rules

  • Rule Four:

  • Women aren't dumb.

    That was so fuckin' money. It was like
    that "Jedi mind" shit.

    That's what I'm telling you, baby. The
    babies love that stuff. They don't want
    all that sensitive shit. You start talking
    to them about puppy dogs and ice cream.
    They know what you want. What do you
    think? You think they don't know?

    I know. I know.

    They know what you want, believe me.
    Pretending is just a waste of time. You're
    gonna take them there eventually any-
    way. Don't apologize for it.

    Women are smart. Take this into consideration. They're good at reading the vibe and are in tune with what's really going down. They know what's happening. Don't manipulate, deny, and condescend. It's insulting.

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