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(b. 1727 Saintonge, France; d. 12/23/1807)

Louis Pierre dit Haver Menard was born in 1727 Saintonge, France. He married (Magdelaine Valleran) became a widower, and married Catherine Marchand on October 21, 1747 in St. Charles Parish.

He is recorded as a tailor by profession, he is a native of Saintonge, France and the nephew of Antoine Morin. Antoine Morin is also referred to as "Portuguese" with his full name being A. Morin D'arensbourg.

He has a daughter by Magdelaine Valleran, Jeanne Menard, b. 2/20/1743 in St. Louis, New Orleans. Children of the union of Louis Menard and Catherine Menard were: 1. Pierre Barthelemy Menard b. 8/24/1748 New Orleans, d. 12/23/1807. Married Chistine Dore.

2. Catherine Marie Menard b. 4/22/1750 Married (1) Mathieu Robert and (2) Andre Roger

3. Elizabeth Menard b. 2/17/1751 in St. Charles, d. 1/24/1753

4. Jean Baptiste Menard d. 9/5/1866, Charenton, La. Married (1) Carmelite Pennison and (2) Justine Thevenot

5. Louis Menard b. 1755 d. 1/15/1755.

6. Jean Baptiste Menard b. 11/27/1753, d. 12/6/1754, German Coast
Philbert Menard b. 5 - 3 - 1877

Philbert Menard was the son of Paul Oseme Menard and Adelaide Abshire. He married Orelia Matt.

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