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Otto "CoCo" David

My uncle, and my mom's brother.
He married Eldora Myers
Little is known of Eulalie Basile Des Trois Maison. She is found registering her cattle brand marking in the Parish of St. Martinsville on June 20, 1816. (See Records of Attakapas District Louisiana Volume III by Mary Elizabeth Sanders), and signs her name simply, Des trois maison. Her sister, Lina, is recorded by Father D.J. Hebert to be present during the baptism of the Acadian Family LaPointe, but thereafter no mention of her existence is recorded. It is assumed that Sylvain Maison is their father, but this has not been substantiated. In the book "The Foreign French", Vol. 11, written by Carl A. Brasseaux, Mme. H. Desmaison is recorded to have arrived at the Port of New Orleans on February 11, 1848. Her occupation is not listed, but she sailed on the ship P. Soule which departed from Havana, Cuba to New Orleans. She is presumed at this point, a family member. Eulalie passed away in the Parish of Lafayette. Neither hers nor Victor's final resting place has been found.

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