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(b. abt. 1797, Paris, France)

Pierre Louis Victor David

Pierre Louis Victor David was born 1797 in Paris, France. He arrived by ship, The Lafayette to the Port of New Orleans on October 21, 1838.

In checking the civil suits filed in New Orleans, we find at least 9 civil suits where Victor David has sued various steamship companies all filed about 1838 to 1839, for loss or damaged merchandise. Victor David arrived in time to occupy his new home on St. Peter Street in the French Quarter of New Orleans. The house still stands today has been fully restored by its present owners. Victor David married Eulalie Basile Des Trois Maison (Of the third house). They eventually settled in the Parish of Lafayette and became farm laborers. Children of the union of Pierre Louis Victor David and Eulalie Basile Des Trois Maison were as follows:

1. Jean David b. 7/1/1838, Rayne, Louisiana, d. 8/20/1908 Lafayette Parish; married Marguerite Preside Manceaux, daughter of Silvestre Manceaux and Marguerite Gaublet.

2. Eulalie Marie David b. November 15, 1824, Lafayette, and d. 9/1/1873 Married (1) Placide Mathieu; (2) Guillaume Mathieu Lepine; (3) Dupre Plaisance

3. Adeline Marie David b. 4/2/1845 in Lafayette, d. September 1, 1873

4. Aventin Corantin David b. 2/2/1842 Lafayette, d. Abbeville Married Marguerite Leger daughter of Onesime Leger and M. Trahan

5. Neuville David b. Lafayette Married Azelima Broussard.

6. Baby David b. 1826, and d. 1826

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