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  1. Diggn4Gold's Hidden Mine
    This site has something for EVERYONE!! Free samples, contests & sweepstakes, surveys & polls and ways to make EASY money just simply surfing the web. Food & Beverage, Health & Beauty, Pet Stuff, Clothing, Hats & Bandanas, Baby & Kid stuff and so much more!!! You can make money by filling out a survey or if you are a webmaster, there are many ways for you to make $$$ also. Come on in and take a look around - you won't go away empty handed...or at least your mailbox wont!!
    A comedy site that will prove once and for all that dogs are no longer man's best friends.
  3. Visit Clint & Lisa's award-winning website
    Family history from two different perspectives, including photos, biographies, and more.
  4. Robbie's Page
    A place for christian fellowship, christian reading, prayer request, salvation page and christian backgrounds.
  5. Nicole's Project
    My website is all about me - a Christian teen who loves music, reading, writing, the internet and lots more!
  6. H. B. Klein Designs
    My site offers fabulous, hand-made jewelry designed for exceptional fashion dolls. A fun site to explore when shopping for a unique gift for you or your favorite doll collector. Laid back in "feel", but certainly not in quality.
    This web site was designed with a two-fold purpose: primarily to educate the 98% of the public who don't live on farms & are not involved in agriculture how beef is produced and some of the necessary peripheral activities associated with the raising of beef cattle in Texas; secondly, to advertise to cattlemen that the Willow Creek Angus Ranch has quality black Angus seedstock available for purchase
  8. Denise's Dreams
    Welcome to Denise's Dreams, my little place on the web! It's that time of year! I invite you to visit my Haunted Mansion. I dare you! I have created my Health & Healing Page which contains valuable links for many health issues.
  9. is a library and art gallery of characters from Sci-Fi & Fantasy films, fiction and the depths of our own imaginations. The site contains a celebrity photo gallery with complete star biographies, and hosts an ever changing exhibition of original photomanipulated and computer enhanced art. Also included are fun facts, news, and articles on other relevant events
  10. Mandi's Hella Cool Page
    Mandi's home page, with all sorts of meaningless junk- stuff to do, scary clowns, incredible singers, and the only really interesting thing- Her beautiful new daughter!!
  11. KRYSTALNET Psychic Consultants
    Beautiful 3-d graphics, original poetry, original ghost story, Titanic memorial, links to free sites and psychic and tarot readings and information on contacting angels.
  12. The Cheat Heap - much more then cheats
    A fun place to visit. I have awards, quizzes, cheats games ... cool free services like an award submission site, and a free graphics program. Links, quotes, embarrassing moments, advice, jokes, comics, and so much more! Check us out today!
  13. Samson's Cyber Doghouse
    View pictures of our loveable Golden Retriever Sam from puppy to adult. Also featured is a bi-weekly photo contest, behavior and training section,jokes, doggie IQ test and more!
  14. Ritchie Secretarial Service
    Why a Virtual Assistant? Ritchie Secretarial Service is creating an affordable solution for all your secretarial and clerical needs - virtually! Visit our award winning Website, Toll-Free Fax & Voice Mail 877-817-5882.
  15. The Nelson Brothers Official Website
    The Nelson Brothers Official Website. Whoo hoo!! Gunnar and Mattew rock! This is a great site!
  16. Welcome To Mindscape
    My site is a place where the images in my mind can at last find substance.
  17. Stop 'n Browse Shopping
    Online gift shopping for any occasion. 1000's of products, easy to navigate, secure order
  18. A-Z Typing
    A-Z Typing (Vancouver, Canada) has tips on Creative Writing, Letters, Resumes, Proposals plus Arts, Dance, Music, Humor, Quotations, Books, Travel, Cool Sites, Web Site Design and Chat Pages plus Awesome Links and Search Engines
  19. Deborah's Place
    My site is about me, my interests, and my family. I also give an award.
  20. The Montgomery Transfer Bureau Network
    The Montgomery Transfer Bureau Network (M.T.B.NET) specializes in original website design, graphic art, and logo design. We provide full service website design. Possessing the skills of custom HTML authoring, CGI, and Javascript programming.
  21. Mind Your Own Business
    Satire and humor with a focus on male etiquette
  22. Lady Rumina
    Come closer and enter the romantic place of Rumina & Sinbad. Where you can feel the romance in every corner.
  23. Petal Perfect
    iMall shopping for music, movies, books, flowers, gifts, more; games, chat and other diversions; virtual greetings; places to promote your web site for free; home of the iNet Award.
  24. Robertson's Home Page
    Info you don't want to know about me, jokes that are terrible, graphics that blind you, music that puts you to sleep.
  25. Greebo's Lair
    The Home of Fun on The Web... Come and visit... you'll never want to leave...
  26. Borders & Time
    Borders & Time gladly promotes all forms of poetry by mostly new poets giving their works exposure to the world they might otherwise not receive.
  27. China Road Lowchens of Australia
    Featuring our beautiful little lion dogs of the Middle Ages, and our lovely Chinese Crested Dogs, Hairless and Powder Puffs.
  28. Chocolate Covered Strawberries Page
    A personal page full of chocolate galore, with recipes and pictures
  29. Theresa's Clogging World
    One of the largest sources of clogging information on the web today. It also boasts that it contains the highest number of clogging links of the web, even beating all the search engines! We have a free online address book, point standings for NCHC, star rankings for CCA and more.
  30. Belgian parapsychological research society.
    Belgian parapsychological research society.
  31. Keepsake Photography By Dorita
    Some samples of my work as an amateur free-lance photographer
    Be Seen This Holiday Season.
    Address Keepers, Recipe Cards & Beautiful Organizers with Secure Online Shopping
  34. Lady Marie's Home
  35. American Indian Health Central
    American Indian Health Central is a group of American Indians dedicated to providing health information,education, referral, and outreach services to the American Indian community as well as non-Indians.
    Family friendly site, computer help section, easy to navigate, lots of pictures of my desert storm days, original design....
    Real Estate at Fredericton, NB, Canada by John Coates
  38. Never Seez’s Home Page
    Excellent web site that’s for fun and for your own person amusement. You just got to check it out!!
  39. The Grove of the Purple Witch
    The Grove of the Purple Witch - Life and lessons of a Dianic Priestess and survivor.
  40. WEB REBEL-YOUR site for building your SITE
    Web Rebel ..YOUR site for building your SITE If you can't find it from here it aint on the net!
  41. A Gadzillion Things To Think About
    A Gadzillion Things To Think About website!
  42. Erica's Home Page
    Erica's home page
  43. Janet's Place
    Poems, a kids page, applets, computer tips and tricks, jokes, pow/mia and lots more.
  44. teenhealthnet
    A site covering teenage health, includes a massive survey, forums, chat rooms, quizzes, massive amounts of content and even an e-mail a medical professional form. Submitted in ThinkQuest 1999.
  45. This is Gemi Taylor
    The music and life of Gemi Taylor. Earley years with Willie Hutch and Graham Central Station, his 9 years in Japan, and his recent return to the USA.
  46. Visions and Dreams
    3D graphics done in Bryce and Poser.
  47. Al & Ash's Monkees Extravaganza!!!:)
    Remember the Monkees?? Of course you do! Check out this cool Monkees Extravaganza web site!
  48. Steen's Hjemmeside
    Cheat, Driver, Awards, Gif billeder, Links til nogle af mine venner,Familien, Africa Live, Festsange, Opskrifter, og Advokaterne.
  49. Elite Manufacturing
    Elite Manufacturing is a manufacturer/distributor of premium potpourri and candles. Our goal is exellence and quality at the lowest possible wholesale prices. Elite Manufacturing only uses the finest quality of botanicals and essential oils. We use rich color to enhance the pleasing appearance of our potpourri while creating a scheme which is coordinated to the fragrance.
  50. Hawkes's Aerie
    Site which links my writings on wolves, Native American, Dragons and misc. writings; as well as links to graphics, fonts, midis, Paint Shop Pro tubes and tutorials, and more.
    This educational site is designed for people of high school age or older who want to understand the most recent information about cosmology in everyday language.
  52. Theater Service Guide
    Theater Services Guide, theaterservicesguide, theatrical production, movie production, and television production directory of businesses, organizations, and individuals providing services and products to the entertainment industry
  53. ReNATssance Art- The art history resource
    The educational resource on the history of western art from the Renaissance to Impressionism. So whether you an art enthusiast or an art student my site is The art resource
  54. The Whoop-ass Wrestling Site
    The Whoop-ass Wrestling Site
  55. Edgeworthstown
    A collection of images and text about an Irish town including Census returns and cemetery information.
  56. Red Hot Chili Peppers
    A funky ass Red hot chili peppers web site with everything a freaked-out pepper-head could ever want in a page!
  57. The Poetry Factory
    This site is designed purely from the heart....focusing on a unique personalized gift service which expresses, packages & presents people's emotions exclusively in a most unusual and delightful way, it is family friendly, pleasing to the eye, informative, fun, entertaining, and inspirational and soothing to the spirit! :)....
  58. Image Composer tips and pictures
    Image Composer tips and pictures. WEBMASTER NOTE: This site is awesome!
  59. Chania Scape
    Visit this site for the best information and services for Chania, Crete
  60. L.D. Communications Inc.
    L.D. Communications is a Telecommunications Marketing Firm specializing in Long Distance, Local, Data and Operator Services through a national Agent Base. Our site combines our marketing materials with a highly funtional and interactive customer service and agent management system delivering next generation reporting systems within our industry. 99% of the telecommunications industry is headed in this direction, L.D. Communications Inc. has already arrived.
  61. Cohick Racing
    Cohick Racing at Langley Speedway in Hampton Virginia.
  62. *The Forgivness Site
    Get instant relief from any sin. Let this page determine if you should be forgiven...take a chance with your soul. (*Entertainment purposes only.)
    Designed for both new and experienced WebTv users, this site provides links to over a quarter of a million images, as well as tutorials, html training, wav's, midi's, news, games, jokes and a multitude of user resources.
  64. Eagle Creek Publishers
    An independent publisher of nonfiction titles in parenting, culture, lifestyes and learning.
  65. A Year to Remember
    A Year to Remember provides Alzheimer's disease information and one woman's story told through the poetry, photos, and journal of a caregiving daughter. It also features the poetry of other caregivers in a contributed poetry section.
  66. Bali & Lombok Travel Forum
    An upbeat forum (with well indexed information pages) where you can post questions, comments and replies regarding Bali & Lombok, Indonesia.
  67. Ting's Snow Globes
    It contains snowglobes that I made myself. The snowglobes are original and NOT like any you will see on the NET. There are graphics with special effects too for sufers to view for their enjoyment. In consideration to the size of image, poems are accompanied to 'ease' the downloading time'. I provide page where there are graphics only so that people can download them for their own use. There are also free professional webdesign for those who want ot set up their own page. This site also caters for Anne Geddes and kIm Anderson fans with their collectionof graphics, downloads resources and webdesign at their respective pages.
    The #1 premiere site on the web for links to free cash, products, sweepstakes, stock and services for web surfers. Hundreds of offers.
  69. Webmaster reousrces
    A page where webmasters can find help designing, enhancing, and promoting their website.
  70. Mikes Lair
    A warm an friendly site that has tributes to Native Americans, Vietnam Veterans and others. Great poetry, lyrics and a little about me! I hope you enjoy your visit!
  71. misunderstood-?..
    a little corner on the web that belongs to me where i express myself to the world.
  72. The Corby's Web Site
    A personal homepage about me and my family and some of our favourite sites.
  73. Cats the musical!
    Cats the musical! Info, facts, graphics, fanfiction, and more. All from the musical Cats!
  74. Vietnam Veterans and POW/MIA issues
    This a family oriented site owned by a Vietnam Vet. It deals with Recovery from active addiction, Vietnam Veterans and POW/MIA issues. I'm just another vet trying to make a difference for our Brothers and Sisters who were left behind and forgotten by "our" government.
  75. Carla's Home Page
    Carla's Home Page was created by a high school student to help other students do research on the web. Included are SAT and scholarship links, colleges organized by state, and academic resources organized by subject. Truly a "one-stop" resource.
  76. EnVisage
    A Proffessional, Full Service Salon "EnVisage" Located In The Beautiful Caribbean Island Of Antigua.
  77. Micah's Cyber Shack
    Micah's Cyber Shack is a great place to go for a growing collection of fonts, cool full screen backgrounds that load fast, apply for award, a picture collection of Chris Farley, KCi & JoJo lyrics & pictures, and much much more. It has an excellent layout and very easy navigation.
  78. Weight Loss Support Is Us
    This a free weight loss support group. We have chat's, weekly challenge's and a weekly newletter. If anyone would like any info on it go to our web site and it will tell you more.
  79. A tribute to Kane of the WWF
    Contains original artwork, fan fiction, poetry, role-playing, commentary, original music and much more.
  80. Sunstock
    Home of professional photographer Elan Sun Star...excellent quality photos and fantastic insight into life...easy navigation...a must visit'll leaving viewing the world sure to sign the guestbook!!!
  81. Brendan C. K. Casey
    Home of physicist Brendan Casey...this is a site with great layout, fascinating pictures from around the world, and entertaining text....a site that will keep you going...
  82. PhilDaPoohBear
    Private homepage filled with pix, news, facts, animations, downloads, java, music, chat, livecam and much more :-)
  83. Welcome to Sundsberget Sweden
    There she lies, safely next to lake Norasjön Where the plains of Närke give way to the hills of Bergslagen, Where the meadows become mountains-there lies Nora, tucked saferly in besides lake Norasjön. Separate, but not isolated.
  84. Tatiana's Home Page
    Mainly about me and my love, how we met and spend our daily lives together and apart.
  85. Desktop Wallpaper Haven
    Desktop Wallpaper Haven is a desktop wallpaper site. We have many subjects for you to choose from, including: Anime, Apple, Animals, Games, Space, Computer Art (3D stuff).
  86. Bostedo Appraisal Services
    Pittsburgh Real Estate Appraisers. Bostedo Appraisal Services is a residential appraisal firm that offers Quick Service for property home values.
  87. Harmony of Life
    Discover the power of Positive Thinking and Affirmations to bring happiness, peace and harmony in life!
  88. Pattys Page
    This site is dedicated to change. We are the Owen Hart Memorial Crusade and all members are dedicated to make wrestling safer for the performers. We are also dedicated to make sure wrestling is viewable for children. We have over fifty members and over 300 hits in our first week!!