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Aromatherapy is a natural healing alternative. It uses the power hidden in oils extracted from flowers, herbs, fruits other plants and even trees! Considered the essence or soul of the plant, essential oils provide a variety of therapeutic benefits. The benefits of burning aromatherapy candles may be experienced when essential oils are inhaled. Essential oils act on the olfactory nerves which lead from the nose to the brain. Essential oils contain antibacterial properties and also may contain antibiotic, antiviral, and other therapeutic properties. Aromatherapy is holistic therapy for your mind, body, and spirit. Essential oils are organic and act in harmony with the body, providing well-being and balance. Our aromatherapy candles are scented with 100% natural high quality essential oils.
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Considered as a powerful antiviral, antibacterial and decongestant. Helpful in alleviating colds and is a great air purifier.

Considered relaxing but at the same time it is mentally stimulating. Helps relieve nervous tension, PMS, post natal depression, and stress related ailments. 

The wonderful fragrance of this essential oil is considered soothing and relaxing and said to help relieve stress, depression, anxiety.

It is stimulating and rejuvenating. Helpful in creating clean-smelling atmospheric well-being. Known to counter depression, hysteria, shock and nervous tension. A touch of clove adds a light spicy note.

The pleasant fragrance of rosewood is helpful in creating a soothing atmosphere and general well-being. A touch of citrus oil is added as an airfreshner

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