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Welcome, come sit and visit for awhile
Hope you enjoy your stay.

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Welcome to Janet's place...

Welcome to my website,
Here you will find what I enjoy and love to do and create.
It's been almost 2 years since I updated my website
it was way past time that it got a complete make over.
Hope you like the new look.

My corner of the web was created for enjoyment of all ages.
Refresh often you never know when I'll add something new..

If you find a broken link please e-mail me here. Janet W

I little bit about me My name is Janet, I am married to wonderful guy named Kreg. We have two sons and 3 grandsons. We moved to the country in 1997, which is great by the way..

Other things I enjoy:
I like to read all sorts of books, Romance and Poetry are my favorites, I like Nan Ryan and Stephen King novels. I collect eagles, and bird-houses and ships. I like musicals and plays, I love all sorts of music, but country still rules at # 1. I love long walks and sunsets. I like to shoot pool,throw darts, bowling, crafts, the outdoors and camping. My newest pleasure is learning to garden.

All the worlds a stage play your part well, as that is how you will be remembered.

With our minds we see the future within it's place, but is it our future we see, or for those we leave behind to build.

Anything else you would like to know just ask, I may or may not tell you though. hehe :-)

Page made and Maintained by Janet W.
E-mail me here if you have any suggestions or questions:Janet W
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