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Photo of Toby, Anna's dog

Last Update:00 Last Update: July 20, 2004 - New DISCUSSION FORUM , We are moving our website as well to: , Please DONATE 10 cents... Please buy your German Shepherd Dog Calendar through our website...

Welcome to the Toronto German Shepherd Dog Rescue Homepage

This is photo of Master

We are a small organization dedicated to saving lives of no longer wanted German Shepherds. We love the breed and all it has to offer and have respect and understanding of its too often misunderstood nature and behaviour. Please stay a while and visit our pages. Whether you are looking for a companion to add to your family, just looking for information, or need support with taking care of your own German Shepherd, please surf our pages. Afterwards, please let us know what you think. This in turn will help us to become a better rescue.

On June 29th, 2001 the Toronto German Shepherd Rescue was featured on Toronto's Breakfast Television on CITY TV. This gave us an opportunity to stress the importance of German Shepherd as man's best friend. Two of our two rescue dogs, Lady and Benz, were trying to make the good impression even though the strange, noisy environment of the busy TV station terrified Benz. (There were racing cars and kangaroos featured the very same morning). We're very happy and thank Breakfast Television for this great opportunity!

Photo of Kerry

In our efforts, we relay on dedicated volunteers. We are very, very lucky to have Frieda; she was sent to us by an angel. She joined as a volunteer, fell in love with Reena, our rescue girl, and adopted her. Frieda helps with various events, she helps with fundraising, helps with walking and socializing rescue dogs who lack social skills and need that extra individual attention- we could not survive without Frieda's help.

We could not succeed without foster homes. Thank you to all foster moms and dads.

This is photo of Ruben

We are looking for more members to join our group. We need people who can help to better organize our efforts. We need foster homes, education, outreach, resource work, and fundraising. If you would like to get involved, please e-mail or call us. We are always looking for new ideals and new people.

To see the dogs available for adoption, please click the Dogs for Adoption button, we post pictures of new dogs as soon as possible.

If you wonder whether a German Shepherd Dog is a Right Dog for you, or what to expect from a rescue Shepherd, please look at our Resources page.

This is photo of Reena with Easter Bunnies

Now and then we come across some bits and pieces of poems, letters or interesting articles. Some of them are inspiring, some amusing, some educating. Some touched our hearts deeply... We want to share them with you... Please visit our This 'n That Page.

On our Links Page (still under construction) we provide links to some German Shepherd Breeders and to other groups, organizations, and businesses which should help you with care of your German Shepherd Dog or help you find your very special friend.

As German Shepherd Dog is a very popular breed contributing to enormous number of mixes, we simply have to limit our efforts somewhere. We do limit our rescue to purebred German Shepherds, or as we call it- single breed German Shepherd Dogs, since we do not require registration papers in order to take a Shepherd into our rescue. (Legally, in Canada, you can only call a dog purebred if it has registration papers with a Club recognized by CKC- Canadian Kennel Club). There are many other, very hard working, rescues devoted to all dogs including mixes. We do offer space in our Courtesy Page to people who want to find homes for mixed Shepherds. On our Courtesy Page you'll also find German Shepherds currently in shelters. Please contact the shelter directly.

Photo of Kerry

Our rescue dogs are fed Holistic Blend dog food. It is an excellent, Canadian made all natural food, and all our dogs thrive on it. The company has been very generous in their help. They provide us with boxes of free dog biscuits that we sell to raise funds at various events that we attend. Thank you Debbie! To find out more about this food please visit their website, address provided on our Link Page.

Thank you Peter Hasty, new proud owner of Whitby Mazda dealership, for your generous donation to our rescue! Peter learned that the engine warning light came on in our Mazda MPV and was causing serious concerns. And he also knew how important a reliable vehicle is for our rescue work. Thanks to Peter and Steve, Service manager, our Shep-mobile is back on the road. We want both of them to know how grateful we are that the car was not only diagnosed and repaired, but it was done on the spot! After lunch in the neighbourhood, we waited in the air-conditioned waiting room and were not inconvenienced by having to go back home and back to Whitby again! While waiting, we were impressed by professional, very knowledgeable and very friendly staff looking after their customers, both in the service area and in the showroom. It was refreshing to see this old fashioned, family ambiance and care everywhere... Thank you Peter!

Our web site is still under construction, and we update it regularly, please come back often for new information, see new dogs and resources. Please tell us what would you like to see on our site.

Thank you for your visit and please enjoy! Please, don't forget to sign our guestbook below. Thank you!

You may also want to visit our DISCUSSION FORUM. It provides a wealth of information, suggestions and stories to help you enjoy even more a German Shepherd Dog in your life...

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