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Toronto German Shepherd Dog Rescue

Happy Tails - finding "forever homes" one shepherd at the time...

We are always happy when a great family adopts one of our rescue shepherd. Please enjoy with us some of the happy endings. We hope that every one of them truly is: "...and they lived happily ever after..."

Zenah - Adopted!!!

Zenah is a by product of a broken marriage...

When I went to pick her up both her mom and Zenah were spending their last days together amongst the piles of boxes ready for the Movers. They were both upset, stressed and confused.

Zenah was skinny, she was too stressed to eat well, but she greeted a ball in my hand with joy and hope in her eyes, that maybe there is some hope in her future.

Zenah is very friendly with people she knows, but can also be very protective around strangers. Therefore she'll need an experienced family that will know how to be in charge, so Zenah does not feel that she has to protect them...

Zenah is not doing well with too many dogs around. She plays well with male dogs, but gets very stressed when other dogs, especially girls pass by her crate. Her eating habits are poor, she just nibbles throughout the day and stays too thin even for our liking. She needs a home of her own, where she can be the only girl, where she can relax and truly enjoy her family and life.

When Zenah gets stressed, she chases her tail, but she does not chew it.

Zenah is very, very obedient and responsive. She walks well on the leash and is excellent off leash as well. She is not a barker. She loves to cuddle and get a belly rub. She loves to give kisses to people she loves.

This lucky girl did find a wonderful, warm, patient, and happy family... Not only her very own mom and dad, but an extended family where she's going to spend the days while her parents are at work. There is a special German Shepherd boy there to boss around and two German Shepherd Dog lovers to enjoy...

We know that Zenah will be very happy there, and she'll bring lots of joy into her new home...

For more photos of Zenah press:

Happy in the park...

Sassy's puppies... - All happily adopted!!!

Three little beauties arrived with their mom, Sassy from out of town before Christmas...

Story goes that Sassy and her male companion were picked up by the Animal Control as strays, back in September 2002.

As they were not claimed by their owner, the male was sold for the research, Sassy, who turned out to be pregnant was rescued by a Cat Rescue. Sassy went to a cat foster home which she had to share with some 70 cats...

She gave birth to 8 puppies.

Her foster home did not have much experience with dogs in general or German Shepherds in particular.

When the lady that originally rescued Sassy saw her tied up to a leg of the kitchen table, with her poop all around her, and only 3 puppies still alive, she obviously became concerned. The canine family was removed to the vet's facility and I picked them up few days later from the local PetSmart store where they were waiting for me after vet's office closed for the weekend.

Mom was too stressed to nurse her babies. Puppies, stressed as well, refused to eat, not really ready for the dog food...

It took several days to settle Sassy enough to start nursing the pups again and to introduce the pups to the dog food.

Then came Christmas, the worst time for the youngsters to join their new family. The excitement, visitors, and general holiday stress makes the transition to a new family difficult

All three puppies are with their new families... Two of them were lucky to leave on the same day...

A first report just arrived...

She is a wonderful pup and we just love her. She has been very very good with her toilet habits. She has not gone in the house once yet. She absolutely loves our backgarden and loves to be out there with us. We have been taking her out regularly and playing with her even though it is cold. She has gotten very attached to me but when I am not here she sticks by R's side like glue. Right now she is with B (my oldest daughter) at the bottom of the couch with a squeeky toy, quite content... We had her at the vet's on Saturday and so far everything is great.

For more photos of puppies press:

Fun in the snow...

Sassy - adopted!!!

Sassy arrived with her three little babies from out of town before Christmas...

Story goes that Sassy and her male companion were picked up by the Animal Control as strays, back in September 2002.

As neither one was claimed by their owner, the male was sold for the research, and Sassy, who turned out to be pregnant was rescued by a wonderful lady from the local Cat Rescue. Sassy went to a cat foster home which she had to share with some 70 cats...

Sassy, still a puppy herself, gave birth to 8 puppies in October...

Her foster home did not have much experience with dogs in general or German Shepherds in particular.

When the lady that originally rescued Sassy saw her in her foster home, tied up to a leg of the kitchen table, with her poop all around her, and only 3 puppies still alive, she became alarmed. The canine family was removed to the vet's facility and I picked them up few days later from the local PetSmart store where they were waiting for me after vet's office closed for the weekend.

Mom was too stressed to nurse her babies. Hungry puppies, were fretting creating more stress...

It took several days to settle Sassy enough so she would start nursing the pups again...

Sassy was obviously abused previously, she was initially terrified, cowering, throwing herself to the floor, covering her face with her paws expecting to be hit, at any gesture or tone of voice that she would perceive as disapproval. It took days before she started to realize that nothing bad was happening to her...

At the same time, when she is able to relax, she is a friendly, sweet and affectionate girl, craving hugs, and tummy rubs, responding to affection with her entire body... She is obedient, responsive, wishing to please... She is great with other dogs...

Sassy found her forever home soon after her babies did not need her any more...

Her new mom and her new dad have an amazing patience with this special girl. Sassy has so much to learn, she has so many emotional scars to heal. We are so happy that after a lifetime of misery and abuse she found a one-of-a-kind family, family that understands her needs and is prepared to give Sassy all the time she needs to change her mind about the world, people, pain and doggie happiness...


For more photos of Sassy press:

Backyard watch...

German Shepherd Dog found in Pickering, Ontario - has a new home!!!

Photo of a stray girl

October 18, 2002

This beautiful, very sweet but very timid girl was hanging around one of the local cemeteries for several days.

Thanks to some wonderful and caring neighbours who did not give up trying to help her she has been captured by us and is waiting for her owners to claim her.

She was wearing a green nylon collar, she appears to be reasonably well looked after, just a bit overweight, so we really hope that somebody is missing this special girl as much as she is missing her family.

If she's your girl please contact Sherri at 905.831.7946

Follow up on Jessie's story...

The following letter came from Sherri on November 6, 2002:

Thank you so very much in taking the time to help us rescue "Jessie". She is in a loving home with two small children and another dog named Storm. She is very much adored by all. My daughter and I visit her often. She loves to go to the hydro field to run and play fetch with a tree branch.

We wish we knew her name, as she looks at us funny when we call her Jessie, but I am sure she will get used to it.

The Animal Control had a call from a woman that said she gave the dog away to a man that had a farm and he decided he didn't want her so he left her at the cemetery. The woman hung up when she heard someone had her. Who knows?

Again, thank you for being so brave and kind to our "Jessie". You are a very special woman. The dogs are very lucky to have someone like you that cares so very much. Jessie thanks you.

Your friends,
Sherri & Jess

Another happy end of the story that could have ended tragically if Sherri gave up on this very frightened girl. It was Sherri who provided Jessie with food, water & blankets. It was Sherri who devoted several days trying to convince the Animal Control, Humane Society, other agencies, and us to catch Jessie. Jessie was scared and confused and would not allow anyone to come close to her. She was barking, showing her teeth, ready to attack. The fact that nobody else was able to catch her probably saved her life, as, once captured, she would be deemed to be "fear agressive" and distroyed like so many other misunderstood German Shepherds... Thank you, Sherri for saving Jessie's life...

Photo of a stray girl

Rex - adopted!!!

Rex is still a youngster. His second birthday will be on June 27. He is a very handsome, long coated boy. Though long coat is a fault, as far as breed standard goes, many people love this flowing, full look.

Rex was purchased from the breeder when he was six months old. His new owners just opened a jewelry store and felt that a large shepherd will be a good deterrent for all kinds of trouble. Well, Rex was a deterrent, all right, but unfortunately, as there were no opportunities to test his usefulness in case of real trouble he only managed to deter some of the potential customers.

Very soon, instead of going to work with his owners he was spending his days alone, locked in a garage waiting for his owners, too tired to play with him after a long day of work, to come home. His owners did realize that this was not a life for this energetic and smart youngster, therefore Rex needs a new home and a forever family.

Rex is a high energy, assertive boy. However, most of his life he had spent alone, so he had no opportunities to acquire any of the social skills expected from a large dog in our society. However, he is young, bright and eager to learn. He requires an owner who would enjoy working with this wonderful boy. He responds well to positive and fun training, but also will require patience, fairness, and strong leadership from his new family.

Rex is making great progress - he is learning to relate to other dogs and he's really enjoying our walks through the park. There is so many new things to discover...

Rex is neutered and healthy, his shots are up to date.

Rex made an amazing progress in his very special foster home. He's much more comfortable in strange places, with strangers around him; he does not object any more to be talked to and touched by them.

Report from the foster Mom:

Dear Anna,

Since I last wrote about Rex, he has changed very much and I understand him more. He is still very protective of all of us but it does not appear as though he would harm anyone and he hasn't when given the opportunity. It appears that his behavior was more the result of my fear of him biting someone. I've never owned a dog that did anything other then lick people, so maybe I was over paranoid.

He walks well through crowds and only gets intimidated by men that are walking with something in their hand.

He no longer jumps on doors if you leave him locked in and is a perfect little angel when left alone in the house. He is better behaved then our golden named Jordan. We joke all the time that we are going to trade Jordan in for Rex.

Rex is getting along very well with Jordan, Trinity, Kitty and Chloe (parent's small dog). He understands that he is not allowed to chase the cat and now he licks her head when she walks by, just like the goldens do. I trust him enough that I will let him and Trinity eat in the same room and there is never any problems.

It is remarkable how quickly he learns everything!

Last night he got to sleep out of his crate and I awoke to find 3 dogs curled up together at the end of my bed. It was nice to see them getting along so well but I am trying to teach him the bed is off bounds in case his new owners don't allow it.

Rex is a fabulous dog who is quickly winning over our hearts but we know we cannot keep him because two dogs is enough. He's fun to play with and a great cuddler while watching T.V.

Rex is sitting beside me and he says hi and thank you for rescuing me Anna!

The following is a copy of the post on Rex's adoption.

Miracles DO happen, one little miracle at the time.

Rex was one of those difficult dogs that required a special combination of love, commitment, and patience to convince him that the world and people around him were not all mean and cold. When I first met Rex he was absolutely wild, did not trust people, other dogs, had no idea how to play, how to enjoy life.

When we went for his altering surgery, Dr. Ruben, (from Spay & Neuter Clinic) was quite convinced that I was making a big mistake attempting to give this boy a chance.

Although I did not feel that Rex was ready for a foster home, a special, wonderful, experienced & understanding couple came from nowhere and they were going to foster Rex for few months, no matter what. They won & Rex for the first time in his life had a real home and a real family to call his own.

It took commitment, hard, focused work of his foster dad to teach Rex the meaning of bond, trust, and how to relate to and enjoy people and other animals.

But as planned from the very beginning the time came to say "goodbye" and Rex, a new, completely different dog was back with us.

But when one touches the dog's heart the way his foster dad did, there is something special that happens in the other heart too. The connection is created, the new world visible only to the heart opens its doors and our priorities change.

It takes time to make necessary family adjustments to fully understand what is happening.

In the meantime another wonderful couple fell in love with Rex. Rex went home with his new family the very same day that his foster family decided that yes, Rex belongs with them, and yes, they're prepared to make all necessary changes in order to bring Rex HOME permanently.

What a timing, there was no way I would even consider taking Rex away from his new happy family.

Just one moment later, I learned about the heartbreak of Rex's new devastated family telling me that they were probably not able to keep Rex after all.

Knowing that Rex would be going back where he was loved and wanted, made it so much easier for his new mom to finalize the decision. To spare Rex possibly another heartbreak, his new parents overlooked their own tears, sadness and distress and the very next day Rex was back with a man who changed his life forever and deserves to be forever with HIS DOG.

For more photos of Rex press:

Mickey - URGENT!!! - adopted!!!

Mickey's owner is leaving Canada on Friday, May 31, and Mickey has to be in the foster home by Thursday.

Mickey wants to thank all and every single person who came forward with offers for fostering and adoption. It was truly heart warming for all of us to see so many wonderful and caring people out there willing to open their homes and hearts to a dog that will be with them only few short years. As I said many times before, it takes a very special, and very loving person to make a commitment like that. THANK YOU!!!

Mickey was adopted within 3 days. He would love to meet every person that responded and thank every one in person. However, the events of the last few days were very painful and exhausting to him, and as his new mom proved that she can kick the tennis ball with him, take him for a walk and take him to work with her, Mickey kissed that first warm hand offered and we decided to cancel all other visits. We again apologize, but the comfort of Mickey was our primary concern.

Mickey is a very handsome 10 1/2 years old gentleman. He was loved and enjoyed by the same family all his life. He loved them, too. He enjoyed walks, and tennis ball games. He even learned how to "kick" the ball-- he loved when his owners were amused by his antics. His owner used to work from home and Mickey felt important watching from the backyard his owner's every move through the office window. Mickey was a very happy boy.

Due to change in the family situation Mickey found himself living in the back room of the retail store. He cannot "supervise" his owner's work any longer as his size might intimidate the customers. Mickey is a very sad boy.

Mickey is very healthy for his age. All his shots are up to date. He is gentle with people and he does not mind other friendly dogs. He even does not mind unfriendly small dogs-- he just ignores them.

Mickey needs a family that will appreciate his intelligence, his kindness and his sense of humor. He needs somebody who would enjoy the walks and who would love to "kick" the tennis ball with him. And Mickey needs it fast!

For more photos of Mickey press:

Sunny - adopted!!!

Sunny has been adopted!!! A wonderful, kind, patient, and experienced family took one look at Sunny's sweet face and said: We want Sunny!
We are very happy that Sunny will be out in the country in a very small village, with lots of space to enjoy. She does not have to be constantly frazzled any more. Her responsibilities will be limited to taking her family for long walks, looking after two kitties, making sure that everybody had enough kisses, and occasionally telling the stranger that somebody IS WATCHING...

This beautiful and very bright girl is almost 5 years old.

Ever since she was a pup Sunny lived in an apartment building with the building Superintendent. She did have a small fenced in yard where she spent most of her time.

There were many incidents in Sunny's life which made her dislike the passing kids and other dogs. Additionally, tenants banging at the "super's" door expressing loudly their frustrations at all hours of day and night were not welcomed by Sunny at all.

Sunny was never socialized properly. She was locked in the spare room or a van every time the company was over. She had no opportunity to learn that majority of strangers are friendly and nice. She had no opportunity to meet friendly and well behaving children.

Sunny is very protective. She is also very smart and she will learn, given a chance, that the world out there is not all hostile and mean.

Sunny is very obedient. She knows how to sit, lay down and shake paw. She responds well to kindness, and treats.

Sunny needs an experienced family that would appreciate her spirit, who would introduce her to joys of going for a walk and playing ball.

Sunny is healthy, she is spayed, and her shots are up to date. She's fully housetrained.

First report:
Tue, 4 Jun 2002
Subject: Wonderful Girl!!!
Hi Anna:
Just wanted to let you know that Sunny is settling in already. She barks when she wants to go out and has picked out her spot. She has also chosen a chair that we have in our reading room and picked it out for herself. I'll try and scan a picture of her in it and send for you to see. Ken has decided that we are going to put the loveseat out there for her so she will have more room to get comfy!
Well we'll let you know later how she is doing. Thank you so much for her. She is an absolute doll and we love her. She is a real kissy-face!
Thanks again,

To see more photos of Sunny press

Deacon - adopted!!!

The following is an edited letter that came about Deacon

Could you please help us?

My husband has developed Alzheimer and we need a home for our wonderful pure bred German Shepherd, Deacon.

Deacon is almost 5 years old, neutered, about 90 pounds, and has a doggy pancreas which is totally under control with an enzyme powder in his dry dog food.

Otherwise Deacon is very healthy and his hips etc are perfect.

He comes from a very fine kennel but the kennel's owner has had a stroke, so he cannot take Deacon back.

Deacon has had many hours of training with us and a professional dog training team. He lives in the house with us and is devoted to his family. He guards the door but gets along perfectly with visitors once he is told it is o.k.

Can you please help us? We live in a small city where we see so many beautiful dogs destroyed by cruelty. They are chained behind sheds and run on the sidewalk to scare drug dealers. We can't keep Deacon but we can't stand to think of this happening to him either. He is a devoted dog who has known nothing but kindness and love.

Deacon does need a firm hand outside as he will run and chase people on the street. Although he does not bite, he barks and frightens them. This is his only flaw and can be overcome with love and training.

He would reward his new family with a lifetime of happiness.

Thank-you. You are our only hope.

Deacon IS a very handsome and very well behaved boy. But he cannot stay in the house where the door is frequently left open by accident, allowing Deacon to get unattended too close to people passing by the house.

Deacon is neutered and his shots are up-to-date.

Very soon Deacon went to a forever family. There, he has to fill a void left by Trooper, a German Shepherd who is at a Rainbow Bridge and who is missed dearly. We know that Deacon will bring back the joy and love to this very special family.

To see more photos of Deacon press

Guinness - adopted!!!

Guinness is a very special girl. She just turned two years old in December. She is a very active, fun loving girl, very energetic, very determined. She will do very well with an energetic, experienced individual who needs a working partner - she would do extremely well in agility or shutzhund training. Guinness loves to swim. She is absolutely "ball crazy".

Guinness was tested for possible police work. She passed every preliminary test except size. Were she bigger, she would make an excellent police dog.

Guinness was wanted by an Ontario Security firm as a Narcotic Detection Dog. If she were to work and live with one handler, we would be more than happy to give Guinness the opportunity for a great working life she needs and deserves. Unfortunately in this particular Security Company dogs work with a different handler every day and when not working, they live in a kennel. We believe that German Shepherd needs a strong bond with one person or one family, to be a truly happy dog.

For the first 14 months of her life Guinness was locked in the bathroom, Her owners did not understand that a young, energetic German Shepherd needs to go for a walk, play ball, have a run in a park-- otherwise, left alone an entire day, it WILL destroy the house.

Guinness is now a very busy lady. She's learning how to detect narcotics and how to apprehend bad guys. We know that with her committment to excellence she will excell in both fields.

For more photos of Guinness press

Sam - adopted!!!

Sam was trying to make himself invisible when I first saw him in the shelter, in the back of his pen. He was absolutely terrified of everything and everyone. His owners, who purchased Sam from the "backyard breeder" and had him only for 3 months, provided the following reason for his surrender: "after 3 months does not recognize owners, afraid of everything." Almost every question on the surrender sheet was answered with afraid: men, women, children, vet, car, dogs... He was left in the basement the entire day.

I took Sam outside on a small patch of grass. I touched his side and suddenly Sam looked at me with his big, soft eyes like it was the very first time that this boy experienced a kind human touch. Within few short seconds, it was not only with his tail, but with his entire clumsy body he was telling me how grateful he was... IT WAS A LOVE FROM THE FIRST SIGHT.

On our first walk Sam was totally uncoordinated. He seemed not to know which was his right, and which was his left leg-- they were getting tangled. Something wrong with his hips, or a complete lack of exercise? Ladies in the shelter were very nice. They agreed to x-ray Sam's hips, which turned out to be not bad.

Sam was neutered, microchiped and few days later left behind the nightmare of his puppyhood to start a first stage of his new life, temporary stay in a wonderful, loving foster home.

Sam is a large, very handsome, very sweet, one year old, still clumsy pup. After only few days, though still a bit cautious of strangers, he learned to LOVE people he knows, he responds with kisses to kindness and opens his heart to all wonders of the world he had no opportunity to experience before.

Sam is very clean in the house. When left alone, he patiently waits for his foster mom to come back. He is playful, loves his walks, he's learning to play ball. He still has to grow into his ears.

Sam is living with a very special foster mom and her dog. This is what she wrote: Sam is a very, very special boy. Someone very special better come and adopt him soon before it's too late for me and Logie, and Sam takes up permanent residency!!!! And this is from the lady that up to now would ONLY foster short term, "emergency" cases.

Well, a wonderful foster mom decided that she could not live without Sammie, so this sweet and absolutely perfect boy did take a permanent residency in a very special and absolutely perfect home. There is nothing more rewarding than absolutely perfect match like this one.

To see more photos of Sam with his new "brother" press

Sable - adopted!!!

This is the second time in her life this beautiful and sweet girl needs a new home. 3 years ago, when Sable was 3 years old she was no longer wanted by her previous owners and she was purchased by her present family.

Now, after developing allergies to Sable, her family no longer wants her. Sable has to move on.

Sable will be 7 years old in April. She is a large, overweight girl. No wonder, Sable's only entertainment was food. Sable loves pizza and roast beef, chinese food and french fries. Her dog food was always served with a generous helping of home prepared gravy. She was never taken for walks, she did not even own a leash. She had no one to play ball with, only occasionally she would chase a squirrel in her small backyard, where she sunbathed in the summer.

Sable is now in a loving foster home, but she really wants a new - forever family that would enjoy going with her for long walks, who would show her the joys of playing ball and running in the park. Sable is very enthusiastic about her walks, she enjoys the company of other dogs, she loves the sounds and all those new and exciting smells in the park. Sable is very obedient and good off leash in the park.

Sable is a good watchdog, she will bark when strangers show up at her door, but she is sweet and gentle with children and all nice people welcomed in the house by her owners. She was good when left alone for 6-7 hours a day when her owners were at work.

Sable is healthy for her age, but she does have to get in better physical shape. She is spayed, her shots are up to date and she is microchiped.

Foster Mom's update:
Sable is such a good, obedient, well mannered lady. She loves walks. I even took her to a local cafe this weekend and she charmed everyone. She is eating well, getting fresh air and walks, and getting brushed. I don't want to walk her too much because she seems to have some problems with her back legs. We don't want to hurt her. We find it hard to believe she didn't go for walks and just hung out in the yard. She is SO obedient! I wish she could talk and tell us about her life!!!

We believe that back legs problem is caused by extra weight she is caring (Sable is 87lbs & and should be no more than 70) and a TOTAL lack of exercise in the past 3 years and with conditioning Sable is receiving she will soon function normally.

After just few short weeks with the foster family Sable changed dramatically. She is a happy, "bouncy" dog, enjoying life, walks in the park, and "doing things" with her new family. Her foster parents learned to love her and feel that it would not be good for Sable to move yet again to another family. So, Sable is going to stay with people that brought real joy and love into her life.

For more photos of Sable press:

Master - adopted!!!

Master is a very handsome boy. He is 3 years old. He was turned into the pound by his owners who were moving and did not want to take him with them. He used to be a backyard dog without much contact with people or other dogs.

Master was in the pound for 6 weeks. In the pound he did not present himself well to visitors; he did not look healthy - he was skin & bones, he did not know how to relate to people, he was very aggressive toward other dogs.

Since we bought him out Master changed dramatically. He learned to play ball, he's learning that other dogs are mostly friendly. He loves going for a walk, he's good off leash. He's healthy, fun loving dog. He has still a long way to go but he's ready to join a new family and experience the magic of true friendship with them.

Master's shots are up to date and he was neutered recently.

Master is settling down in his new forever home. He loves and respects his new dad and mom, and he's learning the joys of being the member of the loving family.

To see more photos of Master press

Sheba - has a new home!!!

There is not much known about Sheba. She was a "yard dog" responsible for safety of used cars and used cars' parts. Then one day a donut shop opened next door. Sheba was teased by its patrons, so she barked at them, creating a "disturbance". So Sheba was dumped in the local pound.

Sheba is about 3 years old. She is a beautiful and friendly girl. She does not know how to play-- she never had an opportunity to learn. She lacks social skills in relating to other dogs. But Sheba is very bright, ready to learn everything she needs to be a perfect member of a loving family.

Sheba is healthy, she is spayed, her shots will be up to date.

Sheba was adopted by a very loving family and is adapting well.

To see more photos of Sheba press

Harlem - has a new home!!!

Harlem is a very handsome, oversized puppy. He was born on April 21, 2001, so he's only 10 months old. Most of his short life he has been just a farm dog. Although he is allowed in the house for the night, he is restricted to the kitchen, not allowed to follow his mom around. During the day, most of the time alone, he is outside. He learned to entertain himself. Roaming the 100+ acres of farm he learned to chase chicken, cats, even horses. Only after being kicked by an annoyed horse he learned to respect them. Although he does chase the cats, his intentions are completely innocent: he just needs somebody to play with. There was no aggression, just the puppy's playfulness, in his attempts to reach the cat, sitting in the barn window during my assessment visit.

His mom has always been a Great Dane person and Harlem was her first German Shepherd. She has difficulty understanding the very special qualities of this breed - their energy level, their need to be a part of the family. Having as well all kinds of personal problems, she does not have much time, or heart left for dealing with a farm dog. There is nothing worse for a German Shepherd then to feel rejected and unwanted.

Left to his own devices, Harlem became destructive. Alone in the kitchen, he ate a windowsill, wooden trim, even a refrigerator trim. His mom resented him more and more. After many months of frustration, even though Harlem's destructiveness was not as bad any more, his mom decided that she really did not like German Shepherds that much. At that time, Harlem's biggest crime was that he was going to the bathroom too close to the house, instead at the designated toilet area in the field. Harlem is very clean in the house, but his mom feels that she should not be cleaning after him outside.

Harlem is a wonderful boy, friendly, playful, and very, very responsive. If you look closely at his photo you'll also see his unique designer tongue.

Harlem desperately needs to feel loved, and become a real member of the family. He needs new mom, mom that would understand and appreciate his intelligence and his loyalty, mom that would allow him to enjoy his puppyhood, mom that would help him to become a most wonderful friend and companion that only a German Shepherd can be. He would settle for a dad, and he would love both mom and dad.

Harlem is a large, still growing boy, His shots are up to date, but he still needs to be neutered and his dew claws removed.

Harlem was adopted by a farmer, his family and a friendly German Shepherd girl who needed a friend. Harlem was very happy in his new home with his new large family.

For more photos of Harlem press:

Kara - adopted!!!

What a lucky girl! On a magic 20-02-2002 day Kara went to her forever home. She moved into a beautiful lake front home with acres and acres to run in a wonderful Ontario cottage country. What is however much more important is a warm, patient and very understanding heart of her new forever mom welcoming Kara into her home and life. We know that they will be teaching one another those all important things about joy, love, sharing and meaning of a true friendship.

Kara is a beautiful and smart girl. She is 4 years old. She is healthy, her shots are up to date and she is spayed.

Kara comes from german, working bloodlines so she is a high energy dog who loves chasing ball, going for long walks, run free in the park. She is very obedient and fully housetrained. She is good with all 13 visiting grandchildren. She gets along well with her senior, frail toy poodle friend, but she needs some work to improve her social skills regarding strange dogs.

Kara is a very protective girl. She is also quite large for a girl (over 26" high and over 80lbs.) so she does intimidate strangers.

She is just much too much to handle for her loving, elderly owners. For health reasons they are not even able to take her for walks that she needs so much and the only exercise she gets is an occasional ball toss in a basement workshop. Even in her backyard she has to be chained as the yard is not fully fenced.

Kara needs to be a full member of an experienced family who could treat her with respect she deserves, give her the exercise she needs and a "job" she is very capable of doing.

For more photos of Kara press:

Satchmo- adopted!!!

Satchmo has been adopted by his foster mom!

We were all sad when Satchmo was returned! After being adopted and living with a loving family for one long month, after enjoying Christmas with lots of small children whom Satchmo adores - his new family decided that Satchmo was just too much for them and they asked us to take him back... It is not good for a german shepherd to move from home to home, to be rejected again and again.. We hope that his new family will be truly a "forever" one.

Satchmo is very lucky. His new foster mom can take him to work... on a horse ranch... how much luckier can you get Satchmo? On his first visit there, Satchmo was not quite sure about the size of his new friends, but with his new mom by his side, we know, that he will learn fast that those horses are as friendly as he is.

Photo of Satchmo

Satchmo is a sweet and gentle boy. He loved his original family and his owners loved him. There was however, a major allergy problem in his initial family and all pets, including 3 cats had to be relocated.

Satchmo is 5 years old and he practically raised his little 2 and half year old best friend.

Satchmo is smart, happy, well adjusted, still a bit goofy, but very obedient dog. He loves going for walks-- he is great off leash in the park. He loves to play ball, he loves other dogs. He also got along well with the family cats, even though they didn't play ball. Now in his foster home, though horses are a bit intimidating for him, Satchmo is learning to enjoy them.

Satchmo is healthy, his shots are up to date, and he is neutered.

As long as you have a big heart and besides playing ball and going for walks, you know, or are willing to learn, how to scratch his belly, Satchmo will love you and your family-- this boy has a very big heart.

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Photo of Satchmo

Benz - adopted!!!

Benz is a very lucky boy. He will share the house on one of the Muskoka Lakes with two wonderful and kind people. He'll go to work every day with his new master supervising equipment and work in Muskoka forests.
Benz came a long way-- He is ready (even though he might not know it yet) to share his warm heart with a forever partner who understands that Benz does not change his loyalties with ease. Benz is a boy who bonds for life and he is lucky that he found someone who appreciates the magic of this quality and will give Benz a chance and time to create a strong, permanent bond that this boy needs.
Good bye, Benz! We'll miss you, your smiles and your kisses!

Benz just turned 3 years old in October. He is a very handsome boy. He is very sweet, gentle, gets along well with other friendly dogs. Although he is timid and was not well socialized as a youngster, he is not nervous and is very predictable in his reaction in new situations. He learned to enjoy walks; he is good off leash in the park.
His shots are up to date and he has been fixed recently.
Benz is very clean in the house. Benz needs a loving family; a retired individual perhaps, who would enjoy having a German Shepherd as his shadow.

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Caesar - adopted!!!

Caesar was a very handsome, very large, very unhappy young boy. He will be one in January 2002. He was very confused - he did not understand why his owners moved without him and why he was left tied up in a strange, locked garage.

Caesar has been adopted! He's a very, very happy boy! He loves his new family and the family loves him! Look at his new pictures...

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Photo of Caesar in his new home

Bronko - happy ending!!!

Bronko is a very sweet and very handsome 7 years old boy. About a month ago he was rescued by the local SPCA from the car garage, where he was abused and neglected.

Bronko has to learn to trust people again. Unfortunately he cannot stay with the present family who loves him dearly and he needs a "forever" home now!

Bronko is very well trained, he is very well behaved, he is great both on and off leash. He is still very insecure, but showed no aggression toward another dog.

All his shots are up to date and he is neutered. He is on antibiotics for an ear infection that is clearing nicely.

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Photo of Bronko at attention


Bronko worked his way into his family's heart. This helped to overcome family problems and Bronko is going to stay with people who helped him to love and trust again. Good work, Bronko!

Reena - adopted!!!

Reena, a beautiful sable girl, was found alone on a busy highway. She was taken to the local pound, where microchip scan revealed her owner. He was promptly contacted about his "lost" dog. His response was a far cry from the expected joy of the loving owner reunited with his lost pet. He simply said that he did not want Reena anymore and he requested to have her destroyed. He in fact came to the shelter to fill required forms & pay $100 eutanasia fee. Reena was only 6 years old at the time. The only health problem she had was a very, very neglected ear infection that scarred her ear making it fold in a very non-German Shepherd fashion. Her ear was succesfully treated and although will never stand up again, it does make Reena look very charming and special.

A very kind soul took Reena home, saving her life. Unfortunately there were already 2 dobermans in the family who would not accept another girl into their household.

So Reena had to leave immediately and she came to us the very same afternoon.

It was a sheer coincidence that Freida, our most dedicated volunteer, was there when the call came about Reena. When Freida came next day to help with walking of our dogs it was a love from the first sight. Few days later Reena had new home, and two very, very happy parents.

Reena is a very grateful girl. She loves her mom and dad. She loves two resident kitties. She loves all the attention, walks, and snooze in the sunroom after a busy day. Reena's life could not be any more perfect. This once rejected and abandoned dog could not even dream of this in its wildest dreams..


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Photo of Reena

Winnie - adopted!!!

When the first e-mail arrived about the old girl in one of the Ontario shelters we were full. It is always sad to hear about the old dogs as it is not easy to find homes for them. It takes a very special heart that would open to an old boy or girl - knowing that in few short years it will have to be painfully broken when the time comes to say the final "good bye".

Lady, as she was called by the shelter employees, was a stray, 10 years old with badly infected, neglected, and scarred ear, with a wonderful, loving personality, who was wilting away in a hostile, uncaring environment of this particular shelter.

When the final e-mail arrived on Thursday that Lady was scheduled to be put to sleep the following Monday we just had to save this sweet girl. She left the shelter on Saturday.

At home, this beautiful girl was clumsy, tripping over things - we worried that she had some neurological problems. Vet discovered that she was almost completely blind, but as she is very smart she was able to compensate with her other senses and after a short orientation in new surroundings she was able to move quite comfortably around.

Winnie, renamed by her foster mom, was blooming in the warmth of a foster home. She loved her walks with other dogs, she would even play with a ball.

In less than a month Winnie did find a kind and loving home. She has been adopted into a family of 2 other shepherds. 2 cats, and 1 human. Winnie is very happy - she has a very important job of running this diverse household. After six months, she still does the job with fairness, compassion, and wisdom that only comes from the long life experience.

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Photo of Winnie

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