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Toronto German Shepherd Dog Rescue

Courtesy Page

This is photo of Nessy, a beautiful white German Shepherd cross

Courtesy Page is for people who want to find homes for mixed Shepherds or people and organizations who want to place German Shepherds themselves. Space on this page is provided free of charge.

We are a small organization dedicated to saving lives of no longer wanted German Shepherds. We love the breed and all it has to offer and have respect and understanding of its too often misunderstood nature and behaviour. As this is a very popular breed contributing to enormous number of mixes, we simply have to limit our efforts somewhere. We do limit our rescue to purebred German Shepherd Dogs, or as we call it- single breed German Shepherd Dogs, since we do not require registration papers. (Legally, in Canada, you can only call a dog purebred if it has registration papers with a recognized by CKC Club).

There are many other, very hard working, rescues devoted to all dogs including mixes.

Many rescue organizations and shelters have different from ours assessment and adoption policies and wish to follow their own procedures. We provide this page to help them to find homes for German Shepherds in their care. Please contact them directly.


This is photo of Wyle Wyle is a very handsome, 4 year old German Shepherd who needs a new home because family moving and can't keep him. He loves water, playing tug, and car rides. He lives with a rabbit, so might be good with a dog-wise cat, or with supervision. He lives with older children and loves to roll around and play with them. He isn't sure what toddlers are all about, so best in a home with kids 10+. Timid with other dogs. Best in home where he will be given adequate walks for exercise and with a large fenced backyard for play. Loves treats, so should be easy to train new things.

Wyle is located in Etobicoke and is utd with vaccinations, has been neutered and microchipped.

For more information about adopting Wyle, please contact: Ana at 416-860-8088 or e-mail:


This is photo of Jenny Jenny is a wonderful dog who anyone could fall in love with. She is an 8 year old, 70 lb spayed German Shepherd dog. She misses her owner terribly as he's recently gone into a long term care facility. She knows some commands and is good on leash. Although she's not good with cats and some dogs, she is friendly, loyal, and loves to have her belly rubbed. She would do great in a home that has a fenced in back yard for running and playing and in a home with active people. She has been up for adoption with us for a few months.

Can you give Jenny a new "leash"on life?

For more information about adopting Jenny, please contact Please contact the Etobicoke Humane Society at: 416-249-6100 x2 or e-mail:

Spirit - adopted!!!

This is photo of Spirit This is photo of Spirit This is photo of Spirit


Spirit is a four year old German Shepherd Dog who was rescued from Animal Services back in October of last year. Although her past likely includes neglect and abandonment, Spirit has since blossomed into a beautiful, healthy girl who loves to cuddle, play and chew bones. She has been spayed, micro-chipped, all her shots are up-to-date, and she has been obedience trained.

Spirit has made many gains since the time she was adopted, and has made incredible and rapid progress with obedience training. Sadly, she does not get along with the other female dog in the household, and is currently in foster care.

Spirit will be an incredible lifelong companion for the right person or household. Spirit's history has made her somewhat anxious, and she can be reactive when she senses a lack of confidence in people or dogs. However, Spirit is also a very responsive, intelligent, eager-to-please and sweet girl. For this reason, when those around her are confident and calm, she easily and happily follows commands, and quickly relaxes.

Spirit is looking for an experienced owner who will work with her to continue to build her confidence in a variety of situations. She will do best in a household where she is the only dog, or where there is another confident, dominant male dog (she got on very well with the dominant male dog in the household). She is in need of a household without cats, and where there are no young children.

From the moment that we met her, we knew that Spirit was an incredible dog. It has been heartbreaking to discover that we cannot provide her with the environment she needs. Can you provide her with this environment? If you can, she will make be the most loyal, loving and spirited companion you could ever hope to have.

This is photo of Spirit This is photo of Spirit This is photo of Spirit

For more information about Spirit, please call: (416) 532-1023 or e-mail:


This is photo of Sandy

The following e-mail came about this girl:

"Sandy is a five year old German Shepard who found me a year ago. She was slated for euthanasia or worse at one of the pounds in Montreal and I took her into my home. To save you from a long story, the person who originally asked me if I could help Sandy has disappeared from the picture and I am not able to keep Sandy for much longer. My own dog has developped terrible behaviour problems since I've had Sandy and the situation is getting to the point that it will soon be impossible for me to continue my care for her.

She was not in good shape when I got her. I have had her sterilized and have put her on a diet of Wysong kibble and Wellness wet dog food along with carrots, potatoes and pasta sometimes. I have taught her to play with toys and to behave based on rewards not correction only. I am currently working with a behaviourist based in Ottawa to recondition Sandy from her harsh upbringing. She was seen by some of the best veterinarians in Montreal when I first took her in, and her health is excellent as far as I can tell.

She is sweet and loving and absolutely beautiful! I believe she could be the ideal companion for someone who is willing to love her for who she is, a dog needing tons of love but also needs limits to be set down for her. I am attaching a photo which I don't think does her justice but it's the only one I have that shows well on the computer. Your help in any way would really be appreciated as my situation is becoming more difficult to deal with every day. "

And more info: "The problem with this girl is it seems she was poorly socialized and has not been exposed to a great many things, ex) other dogs, although her and my dog are great buddies, dogs on the street may turn out to be another matter. She needs to be with adults only, or adults with older children. I have started working with a behaviourist recently to work through Sandy's issues which come from her sad past. But she is not aggressive and very loving.

Your help is greatly appreciated as the rescue network in Quebec is so small, perhaps reaching out to other groups will give Sandy a better chance. I'm willing to drive her anywhere for a chance at adoption, so even a home in Ontario is not a problem."

To help Sandy please contact Jessica at

Solo - Shep X that will be put to sleep shortly - adopted!!!

This is photo of Solo

The following e-mail came about this sweet boy: "His name is Solo and he is about a year old, maybe a bit younger. We had him and his sister get abandoned at the pound so we have no history on him but he is the quietest sweetest boy I have ever seen! He walks off leash directly at your side and looks up at you as if to say "is this right?"

He is almost completely housetrained, only a few accidents in his run.

He has his shots and was nuetered already when he came in. Since his sister left he has shown signs of separation anxiety, but if some one (anyone!) is in the pound he is content and just lays there thumping his tail on the floor. He gives the most gentle kisses and loves to be scratched all over. He seems to not care one way or the other about cats and loves all people.

Has no problems with other dogs either. They were both badly underweight when they came in and ate non stop for the first 3 or so weeks and now the is fine. Please let me know. Thanks Alot."

Solo is in Alberta at the moment, but someone is coming to Toronto on March 20 and can bring Solo with her. Please contact Shannon at and save this boy's life...

Targa - adopted!!!

This is photo of Targa

Targa is a 4 year old male neutered GS. He is 80lbs, nice dark & tan features. He is quite shy & a little nervous around strangers. He is very smart & clean. He gets along with other dogs & for that matter all other animals. Believe it or not he is quite scared of some of our cats in the barn.

He is very obedient with just a few commands, loves riding in the truck but only short distances. Very playful, loves fetching balls, sticks, stones you name it. Fetching is his favorite thing.

He is not great on a leash as he lives on a farm but he never wanders. He is a follower not a leader. He's lived inside at night & out during the day.

That is about it. Oh by the way, he just got his shots & a clean bill of health at the vet's.

Targa needs a new home. Please contact me at


This is photo of Rocky

Rocky is a handsome, six year old German Shepherd who has been through a few homes. He was surrendered to us by someone who found him in a neglected state. Rocky has Pannus which is an eye condition that causes blindness. Pannus is treatable and although Rocky’s condition was neglected for too long, he has regained some eyesight with the medication he is on. He will likely need to remain on this medication for the rest of his life.

Rocky was adopted from our shelter into an adult only home and adjusted well within the first week. However, as time passed, he became very protective of his new elderly owners. Rocky’s new owners could not deal with this behaviour and he was returned to us once again.

Rocky is a friendly boy and very lovable. He just needs a home where he can be taught that he does not need to be protective or territorial. He has had a tough life and could sure use some love and understanding. He is great on leash and may be good with other dogs if properly introduced. If you think you could offer Rocky the type of home he needs, please contact the Cochrane Humane Society in Alberta at (403) 932-2072.

Xena - adopted!!!

This is photo of XenaThis is photo of XenaThis is photo of Xena

XENA is a 6 yr old Sable GSD who is looking for a home. Xena is spayed, and up to date on vaccines. A change in living situation for her senior owner has resulted in the heartbreaking decision to rehome her. XENA is a friendly, outgoing girl who gets along with other dogs, people and children. She is somewhat obese at the moment but has been put on a weight loss program by her foster home. Anybody interested in Xena please contact Maria Jeffrey at or leave a message at 905 960 DAWG (3294)

Nessie. - adopted!!!

This is photo of Nessie This is another photo of Nessy

This beautiful white German Shepherd cross is another unclaimed stray.

Nessie is a sweet, gentle, shy girl who's been in the Oakville Humane Society much too long. Nessie loves the ladies in the shelter and they love her, but she needs a family to call her own which will help her to build her confidence. Nessie is nervous in new situations and startles easily.

Nessie is very responsive to people she learns to trust. She's a mature girl, about 3-5 years old, past her puppy nonsense stage and she will be easy to train and care for.

Nessy is healthy, she had some of her shots, she also had a lump removed from her neck in the shelter. She is also spayed.

For more information on how to bring Nessy into your family please contact the Oakville Humane Society at: 905.845.1551.

Buddy. - adopted!!!

This is photo of Buddy

Buddy, a wonderful, very handsome and healthy sable youngster is not more than 18 months. He is an unclaimed stray residing now for several weeks in the Caledon shelter. He is getting depressed waiting for kind people to offer him a home.

Buddy needs desperately his very own family to love, someone he can follow everywhere. Ladies in the shelter love this special boy and he loves them, but the shelter, no matter how wonderful and modern, is not a place for a German Shepherd.

This is photo of Buddy

Buddy needs a special family who would help him to become more confident. Someone to show him a bright side of life.

Please give Buddy a second chance...

Buddy is healthy, he had some shots, but he still needs to be neutered.

For more information please contact the Caledon Shelter at: 905.857.5208.

Chico - adopted!!!

This is photo of Chico

Chico is looking for a new home. His owners can no longer take care of this handsome boy.

This is photo of Chico

Chico is 5 years old and he suffers from pannus, which is a gradual deterioration of the eyes. This is an inherited condition and can only be controlled with eye drops but not cured. Otherwise he is reasonably healthy for his age.

Chico's shots are up to date, but he is not neutered

Chico is a protective dog and needs an experienced new home.

Chico lives in Toronto and he is at the moment an outdoor dog only.

For more information please contact Gail at: 416.242.2953.

Ty-Bo- adopted!!!

This is photo of Ty-Bo

Ty-Bo was looking for a new home, and Leo knew a family that was looking for a new German Shepherd. When Ty-Bo arrived at Leo's Carissima Kennels he appeared friendly and well adjusted.

This is photo of Ty-Bo

But Ty-Bo was very attached to his previous owners and when they left Ty-Bo fell apart. For several weeks he would stay as far away as he physically was able to from anyone who attempted to befriend him. He was patiently waiting for his owners to come back for him. Needless to say a family looking for an adult German Shepherd wanted a friendly, well adjusted and assertive boy, not a depressed, grieving and unapproachable dog. Therefore Ty-Bo is looking for a new home, a family who would have patience and understanding of Ty-Bo's problem.

Ty-Bo is a very handsome youngster, who is not even 2 years old. He is very obedient, well trained, but can be very protective. With time however and with an experienced family Ty-Bo will become a wonderful member of his new family.

Ty-Bo is healthy and his shots are up to date.

For more information on Ty-Bo please contact Leo Bellino directly at

Princess? She does not have a name yet. - adopted!!!

This is photo of Princess

This sweet and very frightened German Shepherd mix, who does not have a name yet, is an unclaimed stray residing in the Mississauga Animal Shelter. She was so timid that she had to be captured in a trap.

This is photo of Princess

Princess is gentle, very friendly with people she knows and she just adores other dogs.

Princess is an escape artist, she is able to climb the fence between pens in the shelter to visit the dog next door.

Princess is healthy, she is spayed, and her shots will be up to date.

For more information on Princess and how to adopt her please contact the Mississauga Animal Shelter directly at

Sly - adopted!!!

This is photo of Sly

This very handsome boy is in a small shelter in Dawson City, Yukon Territory. He was surrendered by the owner because he was TOO FRIENDLY with people and he wanted a guard dog. He also complained that Sly kept running away. Actually Sly used to live not far from the shelter and used to come visit other dogs on a regular basis.

This is photo of Sly

Sly was born on April 11, 2000 in Alberta. He is healthy, but, like most German Shepherds, Sly is not doing well in the shelter environment, he's in fact deteriorating and has to go to a forever home soon.

Sly is a good natured dog, expressing some tendencies to be aggressive with other dogs, but very friendly with people. He has abundant amount of energy, and he is young and healthy. He's due for his shots at the end of May.

This is photo of Sly

Sly knows how to sit, but other then that did not seem to have had much training. He was assessed by a local trainer who found this to be the case.

For more information on Sly please contact the Dawson shelter directly.

Please talk to Cholena Smart,
Shelter Co-ordinator
Humane Society Dawson


Phone #: 867.003.6900
Fax #: 867.993.6614

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