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Toronto German Shepherd Dog Rescue

Urgent News...


This is photo of one of Eva's pups.  Eva came to us suffering from stress related seizures but she was an excellent mom raising 3 beautiful babies.

Thanks to your support, encouragement and commitment to the dogs, the Toronto German Shepherd Dog Rescue was able to grow from just a few dogs a year some twenty odd years ago, to as many as 15 dogs at one time in recent years.

Thanks to you, dozens upon dozens of confused, abused and frustrated German Shepherd Dogs were able to forget about their painful past. With new hopes in their hearts, they happily joined their new forever families. Not a single dog had to die in our care.

Unfortunately, there are still dozens of unwanted, misunderstood German Shepherd Dogs who are killed daily because no one is prepared to give them a chance.

This is the reason that we need to grow further.

We incorporated the Rescue as a not-for-profit charity in the summer of 2003.

Now we have an opportunity to purchase a perfect property for the dogs: 20+ acres in Trent Hills. Half of the land is an open field, perfect for an agility course, tracking, playing, and chasing the kong... About 5 acres is a wooded ravine with a spring which feeds a small creek. There are livestock paddocks almost fully fenced-in, and an old, huge barn with hand-hewed beams perfect for housing the dogs. Plus, there are two other farm buildings and a shed.

There is already a good well and there is also hydro on the property.

There are NO NEIGHBOURS in close proximity to bother and to be bothered by the dogs. The property is surrounded by woods and there are more woods behind the farmer fields across the road.

All this is only 1 and half hours East of Toronto. It would be easy for many of you to come for a visit and to enjoy the dogs.


...a place where every German Shepherd Dog will be able to take his time to heal... to discover the joys of running free after a tossed toy... to discover the joys of relating to humans and learning that many humans are kind, patient and can be trusted and loved,

It often takes time for an abused and neglected dog to appreciate and respond to the warm touch of human hand. We need that safe place where all those dogs can find in their hearts this very special, unique to the German Shepherd Dog fundamental need to unconditionally love their partner, their friend, their owner...

This is the first time that we are actively appealing for your financial help.

Because it is considered vacant land (there is no house on the property), the lending institutions will not provide us with a mortgage.

We need to borrow $45 000 elsewhere and we need to do it before January 28, 2004 to take advantage of this opportunity. We are not asking for just donations. What we are proposing is that you make money while you are helping the dogs at the same time. We will pay mortgage interest above the current market rates so even if you do have to borrow the funds yourself, you will still be making money.

Imagine... You will be helping the dogs AND you will be making money at the same time... How much better can it get?

If you are able to help with a first or second mortgage, or you would consider a loan to us of $5 000 or even a $1 000 please contact us by e-mail at or by phone at 705.768.0150 for more details and the name of our lawyer should you wish to talk to him...

Of course any donations in any amount will be appreciated; it will help with the down payment.

Please mail your cheque to:

Toronto German Shepherd Dog Rescue
3003 Danforth Ave. PB# 93694
Toronto, Ontario,
M4C 5R5

Anna Young

You may also make a donation through any Canada Trust/TD branch. Please contact us for the account number.

You may also contribute through the PayPal.:

Thank you so very much for reading this appeal and for finding for the dogs at least few dollars still in your pocket after Christmas...
Sincerely Yours

Anna Young
on behalf of all desperate German Shepherd Dogs

Chattanooga Humane Educational Society in the News...

The following is just one example of what is happening in some shelters and organizations that want you to believe that they "care" about animals... It is more prevalent that we all want to believe... In Canada, SPCA is not accountable to anyone...

From: "Michelle Rogowski"
Subject: please help those who cannot help themselves. Crosspost
Date: Fri, 7 Mar 2003 11:05:07 -0600


Last night (3/6/03) on our local ABC station, News Channel 9, the first of a three part expose was aired on the Chattanooga Humane Educational Society.

This shelter PTS over 20,000 dogs in the last 2 years, and many days (the expose indicated) they euthanized over 100 a day. Rescue organizations want to help more, want to minimize the wasteful destruction of precious life, but the shelter does not welcome the efforts of rescue.

Tonight's expose segment focused on Private pen 17 which is where puppies are held for euthanasia. Film footage showed over 20 puppies in the pen with one puppy lying dead on the ground being trampled by the others. The pens are not supposed to have so many puppies in them, even as they wait to be killed... The dead puppy was smaller and weaker and therefore trampled by the others.

On the expose the HES Executive Director, Dr. Oogie Martin, was asked why they kill so many. He said ... "Sixty percent of them I'd say are not truly adoptable... some are just ugly. You can't.... people ain't gonna look at them..."

How appalling! We are outraged! Some people may think they are ugly; but we feel loves makes them beautiful. Our rescue group has pulled many an 'ugly dog' from this shelter. These dogs were adopted and are now living a wonderful life, maybe in YOUR home?

Humane Secret Society: Destined to Die

Story by Mike Dello Stritto on Thu, Mar 6th 2003 (7:21 PM)

"Humane? There's no humane in this society- not the way they're doing it," says Humane Society euthanasia technician Lisa Waters. She's living what she calls the horror every day. You won't believe what happens to some animals inside the Humane Secret Society where an insider reveals, they're destined to die...

It's a story of mismanagement, potential abuse, and death. A NewsChannel 9 investigation reveals what two employees say the Humane Society doesn't want you to see.

They're supposed to champion animal rights. The Humane Society collects a !$1 million in taxpayer money each year. They're supposed to help find a new beginning for thousands of cats and dogs. Instead, it's often the end.


The kennel called private 17 is where puppies come to die. It's a juvenile death row, packed with puppy after puppy.

Meet the executioners.

"It's whatever they can do to euthanize something. It don't matter. It's like they're trying to get the numbers up," Lisa Waters says.

"The word humane sometimes just doesn't seem right. Dog pound is more appropriate at times," fellow euthanasia technician Tonya Hinders tells NewsChannel 9.

Lisa and Tonya say they put down up to 100 animals a day. Records show 20,000 were put down during the last two years.


We wanted to see for ourselves what happen behind closed doors. After walking in, we're told we can't go back to the private kennels.

They wouldn't let us in, but they did call their boss, Superintendent Don Adams.

DON ADAMS: "We don't try to hide anything."

MIKE DELLO STRITTO: "If you're not trying to hide anything then why don't you let us back into the private kennels?"

ADAMS: "Because you did not notify us you were coming over,"

DELLO STRITTO: "And you're telling me everything is running as it should be in private kennels?"

ADAMS: "That's right."

DELLO STRITTO: "How many puppies could be in private 17 at any one point?"

ADAMS: "It depends. It could be ten, eight, seven."

DELLO STRITTO: "Never 30?"

ADAMS: "No, never 30 puppies- not in one pen alone."


Our hidden camera video in private 17 reveals at least 20 puppies. Lisa Waters says there are more we can't see on the videotape. One is already dead.

"Private 17 is usually mangy, worms everywhere. There could be as many as 30 puppies in there at one time and a lot of times there is," Waters says.

"They do get trampled when it comes to feeding. There are fights. They get mauled. Sometimes they don't even get fed enough," Tonya Hinders adds.

Humane Society Executive Director Dr. Walter Martin tells NewsChannel 9 records show only 17 puppies inside.

"Now 17 dogs in one kennel is too many. To me there's no difference between 17 and 35 except that's too many," Dr. Martin says.


Changes came a day after our first visit when we weren't allowed inside. Dr. Martin's son and Humane Society employee Gary Martin took us on a tour of the private kennels.

They're are almost spotless.

"That was cleaning that was done because you were there," Hinders tells us.

"And you haven't seen that in the three years you've worked there?" Dello Stritto asks.

"Not spot cleaning in the private kennel," Hinders responds.

It's not just a scrubdown. Two more puppy kennels were just added. Only five puppies sit in private 17.

Everything looks clean during our visit, but only after our hidden cameras caught what happens when we're not expected to drop by.

"No, they don't want the public to see it, because it's inhumane to keep a dog that way. We would go after people that keep a dog that way," Waters explains.

On Friday:

This is only the beginning of what's happening behind closed doors. We asked Humane Society Executive Director Dr. Martin why so many animals are being killed.

"60% of them I'd say really would not be truly adoptable. Some are just ugly. People ain't going to look at them."

Do those thousands of animals ever get a chance? Also, clerical errors that could cost you your family pet.

Humane Secret Society: the 'Unadoptable'

Story by Mike Dello Stritto on Fri, Mar 7th 2003 (10:40 PM)

"Nine out of ten times we catch an animal to be put to sleep before its time is up," Humane Society euthanasia technician Lisa Waters claims. Dogs and cats just seconds- and a needle away from losing their lives. And it's before their time is up...

Dozens of calls and e-mails are flooding NewsChannel 9 and Chattanooga city leaders about our investigation into the Hamilton County Humane Society. Councilman Jack Benson and Council Chairman Ron Littlefied dropped into the Humane Society for a surprise visit Friday.


Now, you know what even they couldn't see. We're focusing on clerical errors caught at the last minute, and adoptable animals that insiders say are never given a chance.

Part of the Humane Society's mission is to give animals a second chance at life. That's not the case for thousands of cats and dogs. They're never even up for adoption. They come in, and go right back to what's called death row, just waiting their turn to die inside the Humane Secret Society.

"There's someone who decides which animals will live and which animals will die?" Dello Stritto asks Humane Society Executive Director Dr. Walter Martin.

"That's correct. Somebody has to be the gatekeeper and decide who goes- if we have the space. If we don't have the space, then they all go," Dr. Martin responds.

Euthanasia technician Lisa Waters says she's heard clear direction on which animals stay up front and which animals go back to death row. "We've been told if he's skinny, if his ribs are showing, it don't look good. It don't need to be up front."

"That might be the case because somebody's got to make the decision- again we're limited for space. 60% are unadoptable. I don't care what you do. If you put a $100 bill around his neck and gave him to somebody, I'd doubt they'd get out of here," Dr. Martin admits.


Even when animals don't have a chance, a Chattanooga ordinance requires the Humane Society to keep them a certain number of days. Employees tell us that doesn't always happen.

We asked Superintendent Don Adams.

DELLO STRITTO: "We also have reason to believe there are animals being put down well before the end of a 3,5, or 10 day hold."

ADAMS: "Go in there and check it out."

DELLO STRITTO: "You're telling me that doesn't happen? That doesn't happen here?"

ADAMS: "This interview is going nowhere because you did not get permission and we'd like you to leave."

Dr. Martin talked to us two days later. "I can't recall any case where an animal is put down with owner identification except for the one case on Signal Mountain we made a mistake," Dr. Martin says.

"That is incorrect, because I have paperwork, which is proof of three dogs from the city that were evidence holds, and nothing was supposed to happen to them until it was in writing from the city and all three dogs ended up in my room for euthanasia," employee Tonya Hinders explains.

NewsChannel 9 has obtained records showing another almost fatal error just three months ago.

A hound/chow mix came in on November 27th with the owner's address on her.

A note is made to send a letter. That's supposed to go out to the owner within two business days. There is a letter, but it's not dated until five days later- December second.

That same day a supervisor approves euthanasia- more than a week before her time is up.

Euthanasia techs Tonya Hinders and Lisa Waters caught the mistake before it happened- this time.

"Nine out of ten times we catch an animal to be put to sleep before it's time is up," Waters tells NewsChannel 9.

"I'm sure we've probably put many dogs to sleep that's been down there and the owners have been looking for it," Hinders says.

Other dogs could have been saved- avoiding a certain death at the Humane Society.

"There's somebody that will take him. All you have to do is a phone call," Waters says. "They don't care. They ain't going to take five seconds to make that phone call."


Waters speaks of a phone call to a rescue group. They adopt some animals days before death, but they can't rescue if they don't know what's there. And often they don't, because of the animals in private kennels- hidden from the public.

"Wouldn't you as the Executive Director want to see as many dogs and cats saved as possible, so if these rescue groups come in they can save an animal from being euthanized. Isn't that the goal?" Dello Stritto asks.

"Yes. Certainly. They'll rescue pets, pretty good pets, get them in good shape and sell them. I still don't have a problem with that," Dr. Martin says.

"You feel you all have a good relationship with all of the rescue groups?"

"Well, here lately, it went to hell. Excuse me."

The Humane Society has severed ties with two groups who've failed inspections. It's caused tension with many others in the well connected rescue circle and Humane Society managers.

"They treat them like they're in their way, like they're an inconvenience. They have stated several times we lose money on every animal that goes to rescue," Hinders tells us.

"I get a phone call from my supervisor telling me I'm not allowed to call her to come and save this dog," Waters says.

Dr. Martin questioned why Waters and Hinders are still working there. "If you talked to those two women down in the back that are so dissatisfied, I don't see why they don't find them another job."

"We get our satisfaction out of rescues and knowing that we've gotten a dog out that may have never had a chance," Hinders explains through tears. "When you go home and you say I've euthanized 70 animals, but I did save one, you know?"

Humane Society managers promised visiting city leaders councilman Jack Benson and Council Chairman Ron Littlefield they wouldn't fire Tonya and Lisa because of this NewsChannel 9 investigation.


There is something everybody connected with the Humane Society agrees with. The overpopulation of animals is rampant here, and many places. The only way to avoid it- pet owners need to spay and neuter their animals.

URGENT! Shelby needs a foster or "forever" home!!!

This is photo of Shelby, a beautiful black German Shepherd cross

Fear Biter General Inquiry

was an e-mail that came on Sunday, January 26, 2003. I'm posting an entire e-mail exchange so all those, who promptly kill dogs like Shelby have an opportunity to see how dedication of one shelter worker can work miracles... All one needs is the genuine desire to help the dog that comes into one's care...

Hi, this is a general inquiry to everyone I know involved in rescue of any type. I have a 1 year old Shepherd X spayed female named Shelby who was owner surrendered to my pound on Friday AM. They have a new baby and did not want her any more! She looks like a smaller size black Shepherd. She is extremely terrified and is crouching in the back of her cage and no one can get near her to take her out or clean her cage, she cowers in the back and lunges when you go in. She has bit me and no one else of my cleaning staff will even open the door so she is being neglected when I can't get there myself. They ( my board- bosses) have decided that she is not adoptable and would like her put down, they are giving me a little bit of time to work with her or have her sent some where they will. I went down there last night and spent 2 hours sitting in front of her cage with the door open and talking to her, she really want to come to me when I ask her if she wants to go for a walk but she just can't do it. she eventually came and stood near me and licked my arm a few times but I still can't move or touch her. Any one have any ideas or maybe a safe place she can go? Thank you in advance.
Officer Shannon Larson
Town of Brooks Animal Control

Hello Shannon, it breaks my heart to hear about those poor dogs...
It takes sometimes 3-4 weeks for a terrified dog like that to accept being touched.
I usually leave a leash attached to the flat collar, and in severe cases I keep the end attached outside of the crate, so I can grab the end without touching the dog and without having to put my hand inside her crate... This makes it easier to take her out for a walk, or just outside of her crate and once out they usually do not attempt to bite...
The fact that Shelby came out to you as soon as the next day and touched you, indicates that she's not that bad and once settled she'll make a great dog...
Would she take a treat from your hand? Try some really good ones like chicken wieners or bits of liver cooked with garlic, something irresistible...
Good luck, and it's wonderful to see caring people working in Animal Shelters...
Sincerely Yours
Anna Young

Thanks Anna,
I have been giving her smelly yummy treats and she is finally taking them. My volunteer cleaner lost her yesterday, opened her cage and forgot to shut the outside door, even though I left a note on the cage! I took 2 hours tracking her and couldn't catch her so had to call the old owners. She caught her and even with them there I could not touch her so while she was there I left a 12 leash attached to her and have it outside the cage. Will see how things go today.
Thanks for the help.

Hello Shannon,
Sounds good, I forgot to say that for that purpose I have one of those metal link leashes so the dog cannot chew it...
Most of the time when I take the end of the leash and "go for a walk" the dog will follow with no problems, if not I take it easy. I NEVER force anything on a terrified dog, but rather try to lead... I'll take the dog to a quiet place and see if she likes to play ball, or just walk, sometimes I "bump" into her "by accident" and always have lots of treats along...
Fact that Shelby is taking treats is a very good sign. I offer the treats with an open hand rather than with my fingers. I also break the treats into very small pieces so she has to eat them from my hand rather than taking it from me and then stepping back to eat it. While the dog is busy eating the treats I start with just barely touching under her chin with the tips of my fingers. And very slowly make that touching last a little longer, and longer and more noticeable. Then with my hand all smelly with chicken wieners I start rubbing under the chin and slowly progress from there.
Patience and "matter of fact" light attitude are the key words here...
Good luck
Sincerely Yours
Anna Young

Thanks Anna
I will try all your advice, of everywhere I sent my message yours was the best reply

This is photo of Shelby, a beautiful black German Shepherd cross

And this came on Thursday, January 30, 2003

Hey Everyone... Here is some picture and an update on my fearful sweetie. She came to work with me yesterday (oil change center-office) I hoped it would make her think I was not as scary as everything else and it worked. She was not all that upset and I CAN TOUCH HER!!!!!!! She listens so good. She rode in the cab of the truck with me all over town and I brought her home to sleep in the back of the truck in my heated garage. I didn't know how I would get her in there without lifting her... I asked her to get in and she just did it and came over and sat on my knee (I was in the box coaxing her). All day long I would accidently touch her in the process of doing something else and give her treats, never looking at her directly, just continually talking to her and stuff and she is coming around.
What she needs is a foster or forever home with no kids and a lot of time to work with her and retrain her confidence back. Anyone that can do that?
She really deserves it and I wont give up till the last second!
Like I said before she is housetrained and everything! If she could sleep at a home and watch some TV she would come around faster. She never barks except at dogs that bark first and I have never heard her whine. She is not a dangerous dog, she just prefers to touch when it is her idea, she never tries to bite if she can move away and she mostly just warns if she can't move. Slow and steady will win the race with this dog, and anyone who does it will have her total devotion, you can tell that is the kind of dog she is. She will love her new Mommy or Daddy to death. If I didn't have such a small house, 2 jobs and 7 dogs already she would be staying with me, I am always the sucker for the worst cases!
Please cross post so we can find someone willing to do this...

Please contact Shannon directly at

We need the help of a lawyer...

We need the help of a lawyer in our dispute with OSPCA.

Photo of Brock when he first came into our care

After agonizing over this for weeks, we filed with the Ontario Court the Notice of Action against OSPCA. We feel that not only my basic constitutional rights were flagrantly violated, when OSPCA obtained through false pretenses a search warrant and entered my home, but that all dogs in our care were needlessly traumatized by irresponsible, in our view, OSPCA's action. One of the dogs was so traumatized that she died suddenly just few days after being returned into our care. (It is impossible to prove that the death was directly caused by OSPCA actions, but this girl was making a remarkable progress before...)

The following was the reason for the removal of the dogs given by dr. Brown, OSPCA's veterinarian, during the public hearing:
Dr. Brown opinion was that there was enough room in the house for two or three dogs, so because of the fact that there was not enough free space in the house, that was the basis of the signing of the certificate for the removal of the dogs. In his opinion, the lack of free space in the house, that caused the dogs to be in immediate distress because of this lack of floor space.

OSPCA claims that there is nothing they can do about dog fights or puppy mills and they petition the government to give them more powers. They claim that they're not able to remove fighting, injured dogs, stressed breeding females from their owners due to lack of strong legislation. But somehow they had no problems with traumatizing the dogs in our care and haul them into the cages of their shelter, because they found clatter in my house. (They found the sanitary conditions in my house good enough to leave the nursing mom with her litter of newborn babies.)

We are very saddened by the decision of starting the legal proceedings against OSPCA. However, we feel that this has to be done to protect the dogs in our care and other animals that OSPCA gets or should get involved with.

OSPCA has an important statutory power to remove the animal from its owner when an animal is in distress. We feel that this is a very important power entrusted to this very important organization. However we feel that it is equally important to keep OSPCA accountable and prevent OSPCA from abusing this power. Therefore we hope that this action is going to bring public attention to OSPCA's mandate, expose some of their questionable actions and reduce at least a little the great number of dogs especially German Shepherd Dogs killed at present in OSPCA's care.

We need the help of the lawyer as we feel that the only reason the dog fights and puppy mills are left alone is that they can afford good, experienced attorneys. We do not expect an entirely free service. Ideally we would like some directions as to the best way to proceed, with us doing most of the work.

So, if you're a lawyer, or know someone who is and would like to get involved please get in touch with us. E-mail address is: and our phone number is 416.686.6738. THANK YOU!!!

Tragic death of a rescue German Shepherd

This story and all available documentation is ONLY available as a private request. Although every fact was carefully researched and confirmed and I believe it is true, the story obviously upset some innocent people involved and caused them pain. I APOLOGIZE for unintentionally causing that pain.

It was certainly not my intention to hurt anyone and if anyone feels hurt, I again apologize.

My reason for posting the story was to illustrate how misunderstood the German Shepherd Dogs are not only by many owners, but also by too many veterinarians, trainers, dog psychologists, shelter staff and even individuals who call themselves "German Shepherd Rescuers". It breaks my heart every day to see the dogs paying the ultimate price for human ignorance and arrogance.

Anna Young


Photo of Ruben killed in the shelter before a home was found for him...

I'm certain that everyone who read an article in National Post last Friday, July 11th, 2002 would be interested in the events directly leading to and following what happened on Monday July 8, 2002!!!

Details will follow soon...

Letters of support we received... thank you to all that wrote them...

All letters below were provided to OSPCA who dismissed them as irrelevant...

Photo of Guinness in training

To whom it may concern:

July 17, 2002

RE: Anna Young

It's a pleasure for me to prepare this letter of reference for Ms. Anna Young of the Toronto German Shepherd Rescue Association.

I first was introduced to Ms. Young, professionally through referrals with the rescue association and various placements with our international police dog service, ISIS (Illicit Substance Interdiction Services) International. Ms. Young has provided us with dogs that have been rescued that have been neglected, mistreated or simply ill cared for. Subsequently we have been able to train her placements for narcotic detection, search and rescue and general police service.

In addition to police services I have been described as one of North America's foremost experts in dog bites, aggression, and related canine behavioral idiosyncrasies. I have provided canine consultation and expert witness status throughout the United States, Canada and have dealt with many agencies and shelters including the Ontario SPCA.

Twenty years working in this capacity has unfortunately delivered to me many individuals, agencies,canine rescues, trainers and behaviorists, that simply should not even be associated with the industry because of inability to provide, asses the dog, it's situation, and respective needs.

Ms. Young is not one of those individuals.

First meeting Anna presented a woman of remarkable knowledge of both the domestic pet dog as well as the working dog. Ability to not only read the canine psyche and understand it, which is generally not indicative of most in this vast field.
She has demonstrated not only the altruistic passion to saving dogs but the dedication to placing the animal in the proper home and ensuring placement longevity.
Assessing tumultuous and damaging environments is her gift, she has rescued thousands of dogs and placed them in many appropriate homes throughout Ontario.

She has exceeded in areas where other "Rescue" societies have failed.

She has exceeded and surpassed ability and commitment of agencies highly funded and the politically inspired.

She is driven by the immediate needs of Ontario's canine population, eighty-nine percent neglected and rejected dogs./P>

Spontaneously she will discard her own needs and well being for the dog in distressed and the distraught family in need. Sometimes traveling hundreds of miles by herself in her self funded vehicle. Her reputation is that of immediacy, professional and attending to the needs of dogs throughout Ontario.

In addition, Ms. Young is not a canine anthropomorphist that wants to save the world, drink tea at the kennel club while discussing score books and conformation titles.

In this writer's view and professional opinion, Ms. Young is an incredible woman who has demonstrated on countless occasions that she can begin where other disband, discard and abandon.

In conclusion, any individual, department or agency will certainly do well to have her aboard.

Ms. Anna Young...
I support, I salute.

Respectfully Submitted

Kurt S.

(Name and phone number available to those who are interested.)

Photo of a very obedient Harlem

To whom it may concern:

I have known Anna Young since August, 2001 when my husband and I adopted a rescued German Shepherd from her. Since then I have been in almost daily contact with her either in person or by phone.

I have never met anyone who is more dedicated to the welfare of their dogs. Anna will travel almost anywhere under almost any weather conditions to rescue a German Shepherd in need of help. Anna will spare no effort or expense to personally provide or obtain for her dogs the care that they require to regain their health and become adoptable.

In my opinion, Anna is not only capable to provide for the physical needs of her dogs, but she is extremely gifted in her re-socializing the dogs who come to her with varying degrees of behavioural problems. She works tirelessly to rehabilitate the dogs to prepare them for new homes.

Anna has a network of foster homes to house the dogs after they have regained their health and/or been resocialized but before she has found them suitable permanent homes. It was to provide a foster home that I first made contact with Anna.

I respect and admire Anna for her absolute dedication, especially to those dogs that were "written off" by animal shelters as unadoptable and by owners who no longer wanted them. On many occasions I have witnessed the miracles that Anna performs with these unfortunate dogs.

To take dogs away from Anna and accuse her of failing to provide adequately for their care because the dogs were not in perfect health would be like removing patients from a hospital and criticizing the doctors and nurses because the patients were not in perfect health. If any dog under Anna's care has been found to not be in perfect health it is only because she has not had sufficient time to nurse the dog back to perfect health.

In closing, I would like to say that I would have no hesitation in entrusting my beloved German Shepherd to Anna Young's care. If any other references from me might be required, I can be reached by phone at.......

FV, Toronto

July 15, 2002

(Name and phone number available to those who are interested.)

Photo of Reena

July 17, 2002

To Whom It May Concern:

I am pleased to write this letter of recommendation for Ms. Anna Young
I have known Anna for almost a decade, first as a neighbour, then as a friend, and at the animal hospital where I work, as a respected client.

I was always impressed with the German Shepherds Anna walked in the same park as I walked my own dog; they were (and are) handsome, happy creatures. I grew impressed with the masterful way she handled her dogs. Anna's consistent and compassionate training methods and devoted care have become a model for me. If I had a behaviour or health concern about my own dog, I called Anna. I have purchased premium dog food from Anna and adopted many of her practices to improve the quality of life of my own pet. When I am out of town, I choose Anna to care for my dog. If it were not that I now work at an animal hospital, I would still seek Anna Young's advice about canine care. Many still do. (Should you need their names and numbers, I am pleased to provide them.)

Anna is pivotal force in the German Shepherd Rescue Organization. I often see her when she is about to make a long drive out of town to pick up an abandoned dog, or has just returned with one from the other side of the city. Anna Young dedicates her life to restoring the health and spirit of unwanted dogs and to the ongoing physical and mental well-being of her animals. Her years of experience make Anna a knowledgeable and capable care-giver, but when veterinary care is warranted, she ensures her charges receive it. At the Boardwalk Veterinary Hospital, Anna is respected client-- a responsible and vigilant pet-owner who pays her bills promptly, and in full. (There are some about whom I cannot state these facts.)

When placing her German Shepherds, Anna exercises vigilance in ensuring they go to responsible homes. I can cite specific examples of her turning down potential owners if they do not meet her exacting standards. Anna Young is a skilled and compassionate breeder and fosterer; I have visited her at home with her dogs and witnessed Anna's pride and practical knowledge at work. Finally, I want to extend my full support to you and your colleagues in your own hard work enforcing our much-needed animal welfare laws. Those who violate these laws must be made accountable. Ms. Young, however, in my opinion, practices no behaviour that would deem her one of those people. In fact, I hope this letter illustrates the contrary. Please contact me should you want further information.

Yours truly,

(Name and phone number available to those who are interested.)

Photo of Sam

July 17, 2002

Re: Anna Young

To Whom It May Concern:

I have been a breeder of German Shepherd Dogs for the past 35 years.

I am a breeder of Distinction 7 years in a row under German Judges.

I am a breeder of sch III and police dogs and a breeder of movie stars. I am a breeder of Canadian Obedience Victrix. I am a breeder of Highest in CD to UD in Canada.

I am a breeder of many Champions, Futurity and Maturity Victors and Victrix in different regions of Canada.

I have known Anna Young for at least 5 tears.

I met several of her own dogs and found them healthy, happy, well trained and very bonded with their owner. Her training methods are all positive, advocating working with dogs natural drives rather than continuously correcting dogs mistakes. Methods used by Anna Young in caring for shepherds in her care indicate that she has a great understanding of the temperament and needs of a German Shepherd Dog.

On several occasions I met rescued German Shepherds in Anna's care. She brought them for boarding into my kennel when she had too many dogs in her house to look after them properly. All dogs appeared healthy. Their stay in my kennel varied from few days to just over a week. All boarding fees were always paid promptly and in full.

Anyone that is involved in serious breeding, or caring for German Shepherds knows the importance of keeping the dogs slim as to prevent hip and elbow, and arthritis problems.

I purchased from her from time to time supplies or equipment that she was buying in bulk and she purchased the same from me. All purchases were always paid for promptly and in full.

Please do not hesitate to call me at ...... if you require further assistance.

Sincerely Yours

(Name and phone number available to those who are interested.)

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July 17, 2002

To Whom It May Concern:

Re: Toronto German Shepherd Dog (GSD) Rescue: Role of Anna Young

It was with great dismay that I learned of the events associated with the removal of several German Shepherd Dogs from the care of Anna Young and the Toronto German Shepherd Dog Rescue.

I have known Anna as a friend and neighbour for more than five years. In that time, she has been an invaluable resource to me in providing guidance regarding the care of my own canine companions. In getting to know Anna, I have also sought her assistance with the care of my dogs during times when I am away and entrusting her with a key to my home.

I have been fortunate to have had the opportunity to work with Anna and the Toronto GSD Rescue by fostering a number of dogs while there were waiting for permanent homes. As a result of this involvement, I recently adopted one of the healthy and beautiful dogs that Anna rescued from being put down by the Humane Society.

In my experience, I have never seen anyone who expends this level of effort to find good and suitable homes for rescued GSDs. I do not know anyone who cares more about their dogs than Anna does. I have personally seen Anna go to great lengths to nurse needy dogs back to health from sad states of neglect. I have watched and learned of Anna's travels across the province to rescue and find homes for these dogs. I have also seen the significant changes that result from the love and attention that she provides to these dogs; changes that result not only in their health status but also positive changes in their temperament. Her commitment to this cause is unmatched by anything I have ever seen.

I have had many occasions to visit Anna at her home and have found all of her dogs to be highly responsive to her direction.

It would be a great pleasure to see Anna continue to work in ways to fulfill her passion for caring for and working to save GSDs from neglect and in many cases, death. I know that I share a deep admiration for her commitment with all those who have benefited from Anna's work with the Toronto German Shepherd Dog Rescue.

Please do not hesitate to contact me if you have any questions.


(Name and phone number available to those who are interested.)

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