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Grand Champions
~ The Stables ~

Behind every great horse, is a stable waiting to be cleaned… !

Grand Champions were stabled with the best of them. From the start, stable & corral sets were an an inseperateble part of the GC experience. Though only the first stable came with horses - the early Pinto Mare & Foal - each stable was highly detailed with a variety of accessories for hours of fun.

There were two basic stables and a myriad of stalls and carrying cases. Each of these were re-released many times over the years with new designs and accessories, providing every horse a home to call his own!

The Academy Stable

This stable was first released as the "Riding Academy". Inside the stable where two stalls with swinging doors, and a larger, open pen. It did not come with any horses, but many accessories your horses can use. It has been released in a variety of styles and colours. (This picture is actually backwards, I didn't notice that until after I posted it!)

The Ranch Stable

The second stable, simply called "Stable and Corral", featured one box stall and an open pen. It was released numerous times as well, with many different accessories.

While the printed design on the stables change, the basic structure of these two stables do not; along with a white fenced corral, they were the perfect place for your Champions to live!

More Stable Accessories

The Carry Case was a smaller stable made entirely out of stiff cardboard. With its simple design, you could fold it up, and safely carry up to four horses with you everywhere. Like the regular stable, this set came with horse care accessories, and in a variety of styles and colours. It was not as popular as the regular stable. It was re-release in 2004 in new colours.

If you wanted to take your horse out of the barn, but didn't want him wandering off into the unknown, you could always put him in this lovely white fenced corral!

Available separately from the barn sets, this was the perfect thing for the horse away from home; it was even availble through the mail-order catologue for a number of years.

Stables with Horses

Now, most stables didn't come with horses, but there were a few small exceptions to the rule. In 2001, the Stable made a comeback, released for the first time with a beautiful old-style palomino family! This set was available exclusively in Canada through Sears' Christmas Catalogue. You can see more pictures of the Palominos on the Family Page.

The barn is indeed the old "Riding Academy", but without fancy accessories (horse care products were included, of course). The family also had pretty pink blankets to wear, like the kind released with Feed 'n' Nuzzle horses. However, the horses in this set did not come with bio cards or tack (the stallion has borrowed some for the picture).

This amazing new stable is finally available world wide, and comes with everything you need to care for your horse! There's even a stall ball and a wheelbarrow, and silver horse shoes! The horse itself is a beautiful black mare - about time we had another black horse - and of course her own little girl to take care of her. What a great set!

Stall Sets with Horses

This beautiful Lusitano Mare came with her own stall and grooming supplies. She's one of only three Grand Champions to come with long, wavey hair, which is typical of the Lusitano breed. Offered in the mid 90's, she was the only stable of the time to come with an actual horse.

Here's a close up of the stall with all its goodies. Stalls also came with different picture boards and different accessories, but they always had a red or green roof. The niftiest thing about stalls, was that you could join them together to make your own stable, any size at all!

Feed'n'Nuzzle Washstall

Though many Feed'n'Goom horse come with many accessories (see Nuzzleing Sets for pictures) they did not come with an "actual" stall. The first is a Feed'n'Groom Stallion named "All the Moves". Besides his stall, he comes with grooming supplies, plus food pieces. I believe their were other stall sets sold that did not have horses, so this would make him only the second horse to come with his own accommodations :)

Above is the Wash Stall for 2003, featuring a beautiful grey lippizan stallion, and comes in great new pastel colours. And to the right is the New Washstall for 2005! This horse is Bay, and looks suspiciously like the morgan stallion from 2000 if you as me... Anyway, each stall comes with everything you need to care for your horse!

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