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Grand Champions
Family Horses

One of the best addition to any Grand Champion herd is an adorable family set! Pictured here are the VERY FIRST FAMILIES. They were released in 1988. While the prancing stallions were released, it was only for a short time. It is more common to see these early stallions in the regular, classic pose.

Family horses included a Stallion, Mare, and foal. They could most often be bought separately too, and some came only as Mare and Foal sets. And they could of course be bought all together - as a family!

Early family sets were quite popular and still amoung the most common found on the second hand market. The later sets are often a little more difficult to find, because often they were only available for a short period of time. By '97, the family sets had all but disappeared.

Luckily, family sets made a triumphant return in 2000 with the wonderful "Clydesdale Families"! Click Here to see all the new familys from 2000 and beyond!

Early Families (1993-95)

The Sorrel Quarter Horse Family
Stalllion "Big Red", Mare "Copper Penny", Foal "Rusty"

The Silver Appaloosa Family
Stallion "Spot O' Silver", Mare "Snow Queen", foal "Shadow"

Most horses from the Early Years were released as family sets. In fact, it was often the most common way to buy the early Grand Champions. The only thing lacking from a family set was the tack - and, occasionally, the biocards...

Now here's a family set who's just a little bit out of the loop! Like Thunderstorm, they seem to be amoung a small group of horses that were released around '95, without making thier way onto back cards, or even into the regular release schedual. This is also the only family to feature a mare in the delicate arabian pose. What a pretty family!

The Bay Thoroughbred Family:
Stallion "Hunter's Run", Mare "Sweet Vidalia", Foal "Miss Daisy"

Velvet Horses

There's nothing quite like being nuzzled by a mare's velvety nose :) These Grand Champions feel just like real horses with there soft, fuzzy coats!

These are not completely family units you might find, as strangely, no stallions ever completed this set. There were three different Mare and foals who were sold together, available in '95. Two of the horses are simply "velvet" releases of the regular run greys "Windsong & Misty" and bays "Wild Honey & Maple Suger".

However, the black velvet mare was unique. She is an arabian named "Gypsy", but her pretty foal seems to have remained unnamed. My only question is why they did not name this mare Velvet Twilight - seems to me that would have made a lot more sence!

Families of the Middle Years (1996)

Top: Akhal-teke Family, Stallion "Turkistan", Mare "Aladin's Lass", Foal "Turkish Gold"
Left: Orlov Trotter Family, Stallion "Royal Rascal", Mare "Ballerina", Foal "Rapscallion"
Right: Appaloosa Family, Stallion "Renegade", Mare "Snow Patch", Foal "Papoose"

The family sets released between '95-'96 are some of the most elusive of Grand Champions, because they were only available for a short time. It's a shame, because they are certainly attractive; and, for the first time, families came in different poses!

Native American Families (1995-96)

Bay Paint Stallion "Fire Sky", Grey Paint Stallion "Flying Wolf" Appaloosa Stallion "Little Eagle"

The horse quickly became an inseperatble part of life for many native people. To them, he was not just a beast of burden, but a partner, an ally. The horse was often treated as a member of the family. Each of the horse in these beautiful sets can be identified by the paint markings on their bodies. They came with feathers in their mane and tail, and some sets had fancy blankets also (but not all). They were released several times throughout the mid nineties, and are not as difficult to find as the other sets at this time.

Grey Paint Mare & Foal "Prairie Flower & Comes Running"
Appaloosa Mare & Foal "Walks on Snow & Little Bird"

After 1996, family horses dissapered. Why? No one can say. It was sad loss, and I'm sure many collectors and horse lovers were dissapointed. After all, what was a stable with out a mare and her foal, and a proud stallion showing off his lovely family? It was to be almost five years later before another family set would arrive for Classic GCs - but dispite the wait, we are certinally happy to have them!

Enter Here to see the Families of 2000 and beyond!

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