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Grand Champion Horses 1995
Grand Champions 1995

Here are the Mares and Faols of 1995, plus one shy stallion who was missing from the group photo - Thunderstorm!. He was release very briefly during the '95 year, but disapered quickly. Quite a shame, because he's such a handsome stallion! *G* The rest the stallions can be viewed on the Group Photo page.

The horses of this year were so much more detailed then the ones before, and are among the most stunning, even today. Luckily, they were very popular, and are easy to come by second hand.

Mares and foals could be bought together as a family, or seperatly, too. It is interesting to note, that when these mares where released with foals, they had different names! Very confusing indeed! Check out the "GC Names by Year" page for more information.

The mares of the year are in the elegant classic pose, doll-faces slightly turned, as if watching a mischievous foal just out of view. There detail is amazing, there shading superb. No collection is complete without them. Note: the first name given is for the single mare; the second in italics is for when sold with thier foals.

From left to right, top to bottom:
Flea-bitten Thoroughbred - Wild Alice, Irish Lace
Roan Warmblood - Sugar 'n' Spice, China Doll
Black Morgan - Steppin' Out, Velvet Twilight
Bay Blanket Appaloosa - Running Spring, Starlet
Missouri Fox Trotter - Missouri Bell, Dixie Doll
Grey Thoroughbred - Grey Willow, Powerful Magic

Foals are always adorable. How could they not be?! These guys are no exception. They didn't come with bi o cards, but a small plate with their name which was very easy to loose! Because of this, I am a little sketchy on some of their names. If you know them, give me a shout!

From left to right, top to bottom:
Grey Thoroughbred Abracadabra
Bay Blanket Appaloosa Starfinder
Black Morgan Shadow
Roan Warmblood L'il Doll
Flea-bitten Thoroughbred Lucky
Missouri Fox Trotter Dixie Fantasy

Possibly, like the mares, these guys might have different names whether they were released together or separately, too... which just makes it even more confusing...

And one more...

Last but not least, here is one horse I have had since childhood, and KEEP FORGETTING to put on the site! This is "Black Beauty". Like Thunderstorm, he also missed the line up, but is by far a much more common stallion. This is becuase he was released twice - once on his own (with English tack, as an English Thoroughbred) and again in the "Black Morgan Family" with Velvet Twilight and Shadow! But none of the horses in that set were actually given names. No, it really doesn't get more confuzzled then this.

As you see, Beauty also shows stunningly as an Arabian...

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