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Grand Champions
Deluxe Horse Sets

Deluxe Sets were always some of my favorites. Deluxe sets are horses that came with riders and/or fancy accessories. Often, sets were re-released with different accessories each year. As well, many of these items could also be ordered from Empire Toy's mail catalogue. They were quite popular.

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Horse and Rider Sets

These were amoung the first sets to be released. Each set came with a rider and a horse in detailed tack, and accessories that suited thier activities. The Palomino stallion is named "Gold Dust". That's all I know about this set!

The English Rider came with a black arabian stallion, "Midnight". He was built on the '92 pose. They came with english tack, a jump, blue winner's ribbon, a bin of horse care products like brushes and soap, and even a tiny riding crop (not that Midnight ever needed it!).

The Cowboy and the Native American came with special Sound Stallions - when you pressed a small button on thier back, the whinnied and made galloping sound! I don't know any more about these sets then thier pictures, and I don't even remember seeing them in stores around my house. If anyone has more infor on them, give me a shout!

If anyone has pics or info on other Horse and Rider sets not listed here (I believe there are two missing) please let me know!

This is another Native America set that came with a "Sound 'n' Action" horse. It was sold in stores in the early 90's, and then again in the mid-ninties through Empire Toy's mailing catalogue. Though shown as a Classic Stallion, the horse was actullly in the running pose, like other Sound Stallions.

These lovely ladies were also apart of the early sets; hoever, they were later re-released without riders, but still had thier fancy tack. The white lippizaner is "Snowflake", the palomino "Golden Glory", and the bay arabian is "Sultan".

These fancy riders were also availble though that same offer. From left to right they are: Circus, Western, Indian Princess, Cowgirl, Arabian Princess, and English Rider.

(For those who are curious, the horses in the background are Sundancer and Sultan Pepper!)

You can now find many different GC riders through the Grand-Champion website & mail order offers. At a mere $5 each, and dressed to ride, they're a great addition to any horse!

Native American Family Sets

These sets were a lot like the early Family Sets, except for the exciting new horses! Each horse was decorated with paint, and came with spotted feathers in thier mane and tail. Three families were released, including a Grey Paint (shown), Bay Paint, and Bay Blanket Appaloosa.

The names of these flashy tobainos are Stallion "Flying Wolf", Mare "Prairie Song", and Foal "Comes Running". Another big thanks to Mary Fraizer for the pictures!

Horses and Stall Sets

Over the years many stalls and stables have been provided for GC Horses. Most didn't come with a horse, but there are two exceptions.

This beautiful Lustino Mare came with her own stall and grooming supplies. Offered in the mid 90's, she was the only stable of the time to come with an actual horse. Her long, wavey mane and tail are typical of the breed.
Though many Feed'n'Goom horse come with many accessories (see Nuzzleing Sets for pictures) they did not come with an "actual" stall. The first is a Feed'n'Groom Stallion named "All the Right Moves". Besides his stall, he comes with grooming supplise, plus food peices. I believe thier were other stall sets sold that did not have horses, so this would make him only the second horse to come with his own acomidations :)

Grand Champion Collector Horses

These stallions are simply stunning! Unfourtunately, I was unable to find them anywhere in stores, (but did manage to pick one up second hand :). I am not sure if they were release in Canada, which is a shame; standing the height of a Traditional Breyer, and with detailed tack to boot, these are among some of the most stunning GCs made to date!

If anyone has more pictures and info and would like to donate, please e-mail me!

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