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Weapon Ammunitions

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Your ammunition is one of the very most important parts of a Nerf war. Some ammunition goes better with some other gun. Often times your ammunition can be the difference between life and death. So think long and hard about the gun you want and about what it fires. I mean c'mon, would you rather have a Sharpshooter 2 with type 2 ammunition (the thin kind), or a Sharpshooter 2 with type 1 ammunition (the fat kind.) The difference is night and day.

Darts, the best ammunition known to man. These range from Micro darts to Larami darts. These are the most accurate type of ammo and are least affected by wind. The best guns use these.

Type 1

Type 1 darts: These darts only came in the original Sharpshooter. They have a larger hole in them then the type 2 darts, creating a larger air pocket. (This allows more of the force from the air to be used in the propelling of the dart.) In the type 2 the pocket is smaller so only so much force is used. These are the best Nerf dart type (In some guns.)

Type 2

Type 2 darts: These are the most common dart type. They come in guns such as the Chainblazer, Expand a Blast, Secret Shot 2, etc. These have a smaller hole in the back of the dart, creating less of an air pocket. Thus less range and, or power. These were made because the original darts were too powerful or something. Occasionally you will find a fatter one of these. (These are very common in the "red" packs.) These fire much like the type one darts, because more force is needed to push the dart out of the barrel. Some people call these darts "Magnums." Another form of type 1 darts are "Stingers," Stingers are darts with out the rubber suction cup tip (the glue must still be intact or the ammo is useless. These will either occur naturally or you can take them off by yourself. These darts are greatly affected by wind and accuracy is not their thing. Their only real plus is the fact that they have better range.

Micro Dart

Micro Darts: These are the worst of the darts. These have no power, little accuracy, and pathetic range. You should avoid purchasing most weapons which fire Micro Darts. (I say most because the Wild Fire, Secret Shot, and some other good guns fire Micro Darts.)

Nerf has made great improvements recently w/ their Micro Darts. The newer micro darts are red with a dark blue/black tip. These are made with a slightly different foam then the old ones. The new micro dart weapons a far superior to there ancestors, such as the Mad Hornet, or Wharthog. One could even say they are now as good or better then other darts. You make the call.

Larami Darts

Larami Darts, are the best dart form. These come in two different sizes. The only differences in the two are what company manufactured them and how long they are in size. The newer, more common larami is made by Nerf, all be it, these are good, the old ones were better. Ever since Nerf purchased Larami's dart gun division the older, smaller, darts were replaced with newer, larger, and less powerful darts. We'll call Larami's larami darts type 1, and Nerf's larami darts type 2.

Type 1 Larami Darts: (smaller larami darts) These darts are extremely powerful and have the best range ever seen in darts. These are affected by wind pretty badly and are easy to lose. The accuracy of these outdoors suffers due to this. Indoors is another story. These things are excellent indoors. They are impossible to dodge, and hurt when you get hit. Examples of guns which use these are the original Larami 2500, and the Larami 1000. You haven't felt pain until you've been hit in the side of the face with one of these from point blank range on a cool winter morning. These darts can be found in yellow w/ pink tips, green w/ pink tips, and black w/ pink tips.

Type 2 larami Darts: (larger larami darts) These are very powerful, have good range, and accuracy. They are not as affected by wind, but the range, power, and accuracy aren't as good as the Type 1. You find these in the newer "Supermaxx" guns, such as the Supermaxx3000, Supermaxx750, and Supermaxx1500. These are almost always green w/ pink tips.

Missiles, Arrows, and balls... the other ammo type.

Missiles: Do I actually need to review these? I can summarize this ammo in two words, they suck. One gun these came in is the Missilestorm. That gun was pretty bad. Don't buy guns that fire these.

Arrows: These are much better then missiles. These have good accuracy, power, and range. You need to keep these in good condition for them to fire well, because if the fins get bent, it really messes up the accuracy. A couple examples of guns that fire these are the Big Bad Bow and the Bow and Arrow.

Balls: There are two variations of balls. There's the rubber kind, then there's the foam kind.

Rubber Balls: These come the the Larami Ballgun. They are in my opinion the best of the balls. They are slightly smaller then the foam kind, but have more power and range. They have no accuracy, but they weren't made for accuracy. Balls are made to be rapid fire.

Foam Balls: These come in the Ballzooka, Master Blaster, and Slingshot... some high quality weapons, Ha! These have no range, power, or accuracy. In short, they are nearly as bad as missiles. Avoid these at all costs.

Vortex Disks

There are two types of Vortex disks. There is the larger kind and the smaller kind.

The larger kind of Vortex disk is illustrated above. They are red in color and come in guns such as the Tornado, Tornado X/2, and the Fire Storm. These are very accurate, (unless you are outdoors, where the wind can be devastating to the trajectory of a shot.) The only downside to this is the fact that the disks tavel so slowly. This makes them the easiest ammo to dodge. The only time these are hard to dodge is when the disk is traveling directly at your face. Then all you is an 'O' type shape. These are a decent ammo, if you are a sniper you will like it.

The smaller kind of Vortex disk is green. It is about half the size of the original. These come in the two versions of the Vortex Fast Fires. These are not nearly as accurate as the original. The range declines greatly. The only thing that is as good as the original is the power, and quickness, which was not good in the first type. The smaller Vortex disks are a poor ammo type, avoid them.