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Sailor Moon is © Naoko Takeuchi et al, 1992.

These are links to some of my favorite places on the Internet (in alphabetical order). 

The Anime Web Turnpike - the BEST place to go when looking for anything to do with anime or manga.
Bishoujo Senshi Sailor Moon Anime & Manga -A nicely organized site of assorted Sailor Moon stuff. Manga translations for almost every volume.
Code Name: Sailor V! -A site dedicated to the original cool, Sailor V. Images, lots of info and even QuickTime movies!
Font-a-licious - Funky fonts for you creative types
Icesenshi's Lake of Illusions - Sailor Mercury gets all the credit she deserves at this shrine.
LUNA-tic's CORNER - Various bits of lunacy. Send an e-mail postcard and check out the one and only shrine to Ikuko!
P-Chan's Homepage - Fun Fun! I love P-Chan's art.
PQ Angels.Com - Naoko works! Information about Noako's new series, P.Q. Angels.
Reflection - Another new address and another new look. Check out the 'do' section for fun!
Sailor Moon Manga Translated -A place to find translations of the Sailor Moon manga and an extensive image gallery too.
Schauwecker's Guide to Japan - Want to know more about Japan and it's culture? Take a look at this extensive guide.
Sailor Moon Universe - An anime-only site, but a good one! You can watch the T.V. special Ami-chan no Hatsukoi. I mean the WHOLE thing! How cool is that?!
Sailor Moon Video Games Info - Info on downloadable Sailor Moon roms for gaming console emulators (Nintendo or Sega Saturn for example) Great ways to pass the time between reading manga!
Sailor Sun's Twin Moon Page - a long list of Sailor Moon links, the Manga Room is listed there!
Serenitatis - Formerly the Gallery of the Silver Millenium. One of my fave image galleries because of the many many pics of my beloved Usagi and Mamo-chan.
Silver Moonlight -a huge Sailor Moon site, with everything you could possibly imagine. I like the original compositions best.
The SM Toolbox - A great place to find tips and tools for making your own Sailor Moon web site.
Tomb of the Little Known Senshi - Lots of information on the many other Sailor Senshi, including a few that were created for the musical Sailor Moon stage shows.
Uncomyn Gifts - The Virtual Toy Store! A place to purchase manga online.
UTARPA - One of Toronto's Anime Clubs. Lots of fun for only a few dollars.
VKLL Fansubbers - One of the very best Canadian fansubbers around.
The Worst Sailor Moon Pages Ever - I like to check out the Best of the Month category.