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Sailor Moon is © Naoko Takeuchi et al, 1992.

As the creator of this site, I get quite a few emails about it and about Sailor Moon in general. If you have a question, perhaps you will find the answer here. If you would like to leave a general comment on what you think of the Manga Room, please write it in the guestbook.

Q. Do you know when and on what station Sailor Moon plays on T.V.?
A. No I don't. Check your local listings. Besides, this is a manga related page - not anime.

Q. Can I archive some or all of your fan art at my site?
A. I'd rather you didn't. I would like my fan art to stay at my site. If you like my art, and think others should see it, please link to my page.

Q. Where can I purchase copies of the manga or other Sailor Moon stuff?
A. Check the Shopping Guide for more information.

Q. Can I link to your page?
A. Anyone can link to the Manga Room. You can even use a spiffy banner if you'd like.

Q. Why don't you have more stuff on the Sailor Moon anime?
A. There are more than enough sites out there with information on the animated version of Sailor Moon. Although the number of manga related sites has grown there still aren't enough in my opinion. Also, I personally like the manga better and know more about it than the anime.

Q. How come there aren't more pictures of insert character name here ?
A. I don't have the time to scan images all day. There are quite a few character specific sites and image galleries out there. Try browsing the Anime Web Turnpike listings.