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Sailor Moon is © Naoko Takeuchi et al, 1992.

If you have visited my art page, you know that I really like art. I often get e-mails asking advice on how to draw or how to draw better. I believe that the potential to be a great artist lies within us all, the only problem is that some people don't know how or where to start. Well, with the right materials, some basic instructions, and lots of practice we will all learn how to draw Sailor Moon characters with ease! Let's go!

Materials you will need:

1. A sharpened pencil. (the most commonly found type of pencil is HB, which will work just fine. A 2H pencil would also work well.)

2. A piece of blank white paper. (a former art teacher of mine used to tell us to never, EVER draw on lined paper!)

3. An eraser.

4. A picture of the character you want to draw.

5. A piece of tracing paper.

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