Paradise Valley Movie Ranch

David Crockett Williams Sounds the Global Emergency Alert
On "The Trumpeting Water Pipe" October 24, 1998, United Nations Day
1998 March for Peaceful Energy (capstone speaker, U.S. Capitol)
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David California Loves You!

Wokini Press Release - Offering Peace Pole for Jerusalem

Update of June 29, 2005:

After living in Tehachapi for several years, Williams moved July 23, 2004,
to his present address in the Southwestern Sierra Nevada Foothills
Twin Oaks Community, in the country of Walker Basin, Caliente, Back Canyon,
Kern Canyon, and Indian Creek in this land of the ancient indigenous Kawaiisu peoples,
safekeeping the Santa Barbara Peace Pole for Jerusalem since Mothers Day 2005
at the location now designated as:

Paradise Valley Movie Ranch

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Read "A Vision of Paradise on Earth"

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Subject: Paradise Valley Movie Ranch
Date: Wednesday, June 29, 2005 11:26 AM

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Paradise Valley Movie Ranch
.... [old address redacted] ...
[former project site] Upper Caliente Creek
Twin Oaks Ranches
Caliente California USPO

Camp David California

[now cellphone: 805-708-0252]

Residence onsite,
Home/office/location of initial sets;
Recruiting casts, crews, partnerships;
Offering Personal Service Contract Accounts:

Executive Producer
Ranch Manager

David Crockett Williams, Jr. (III), dob 5-17-45
President, BSA Post 25, Walt Disney Studios, 1963
Bachelor of Science, Chemistry, 1969
Chartered Life Underwriter, 1971
dba General Agency Services, 1973-present
dba Global Emergency Alert Response 2000, 1998-present

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Paradise Valley Movie Ranch

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