1998 March for Peaceful Energy

David Crockett Williams Sounds the Global Emergency Alert
On "The Trumpeting Water Pipe" October 24, 1998, United Nations Day
1998 March for Peaceful Energy (capstone speaker, U.S. Capitol)

Clicking the above link will give the story on the website of Proposition One for Global Nuclear Disarmament, maintained by the crew of the White House Anti-Nukes Peace Park 24/7 Vigil since 1981.

Look here again after July 4, 2005, for a writeup on background of this 1998 event, and a story of its impact and repercussions since, including a press conference at the National Press Club in Washington, D.C. in 2004 which resulted in a physical confrontation between the writer of the above Prop1 MFPE report and a new energy inventor with a hot temper.

A videotape was made of all the 1998 speakers on Hi-8 format and is available for rough copying or excerpting for distribution, and, pending funding for editing, more sophisticated versions may be produced.

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